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The Vogue approved waffle recipe to use on this waffle day

By Sofia Henriksson

Photo: Sofia Henriksson

Whether your prefer a sweet treat with cloudberry jam and whipped cream or a savoury serving of fish roe and crème fraîche, this is the foolproof recipe for wonderful waffles this waffle day

One of the most beloved traditions in Sweden is finally here. Of course, I’m talking about waffle day. Even though we divulge in this delicious treat year-round, a special day to fully celebrate crisp, soft and buttery waffles is quintessential to Swedish culture. On the 25 March every year, we pick up our irons to start pressing those golden goodies.


In the Nordics, there are plenty of holidays devoted to delicious food. And waffle day is no exception. The waffle tradition itself dates back to the middle ages. However, the day itself has Christian connotations and can be traced back to when gospels the archangel Gabriel came down from heaven to tell Mary about baby Jesus. Back then, the 25th was called ”Vårfrudagen”(Our Lady Day), which in Swedish sounds a lot like ”vofrudagen” or ”Våffeldagen” (Waffle day). Simple as that, a food-centric holiday was born.

Below, we've included the Vogue approved waffle recipe by Swedish Master Chef winner Sofia Henriksson to try this waffle day: