Camilla Larsson's summer guide to the Danish island of Møn

By Anna Clarke

Photo: Henrik Bülow

Stylist Camilla Larsson takes us on a whistle-stop, Vogue-approved tour of the idyllic Danish island of Møn, loved for its towering white chalks cliffs and laid-back feel

Although tropical beaches and far-flung escapes are undeniably appealing this time of year, Scandinavia in the summer season is so idyllic that you might want to skip the flight and stay a little closer to home. White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and pastel-hued beach huts are all beckoning and one of the most captivating holiday spots can be discovered in Denmark’s Zealand: the island of Møn.


Best known for its breathtaking scenery and rolling pastoral views, the inviting island is also home to the 70 million-year-old white chalk cliffs of Møns Klint, an UNESCO biosphere reserve and the perfect place to spy the ‘Dark Sky’ phenomenon, where the night’s sky is lit up by hundreds of stars. It’s also the ideal destination to discover local homegrown foods and charming little fishing villages.

So if you’re looking for some last-minute summer holiday inspiration and are considering ditching the passport (it's greener, after all) then Møn could your next go-to. Let Camilla Larsson’s stylish guide inspire…

Photo: Henrik Bülow

Photo: Henrik Bülow

Photo: Henrik Bülow

For its spectacular nature: Møns Klint

"To me, a Danish summer holiday means that although you can't depend on the weather, your time can be filled with long beach walks, hikes in the forest and visits to little farms for organic, local foods. And this is exactly what you will find on Møn. Before you reach the cliffs of Møns Klint, which the island is so well known for, you go down a long stairway before you hit the stoney shore. And as you walk down the stairs of the cliff, you can see these little waterfalls. It’s just spectacular.

"For most of the day the cliffs are in shadows, which seems to make the backdrop even more dramatic. There is also a stillness here, which makes it such a unique place. There’s lots of wildlife and bird species which make their home here too, so it’s quite romantic with all these different birds flying around. For nature lovers, this is something special. Møns Klint is so well known in Denmark, but it does live up to expectations."

4791 Borre, Danmark

Photo: Henrik Bülow

Photo: Henrik Bülow

Photo: Henrik Bülow

For a spot of sunbathing: Hårbølle beach

"Not far from Møns Klint is this white, powdery sand beach, with lovely clean water and lots of picturesque elephant grass everywhere. When we visited at the weekend, there were no people at all. It feels like a bit of a secret spot; it’s so quiet there. We stayed at the camping space, Hårbølle camping, two minutes from the Hårbølle harbour there.

"It has a Copenhagen-style feel, with lots of cool people in their camping vans. Everyone has lots of space too, so you don’t feel like you are up against one another. There’s lots of spectacular views all around; you can even see the other little islands in the distance, many of which don’t have any houses on them, just farms."

4792 Askeby, Danmark

Photo: Henrik Bülow

Photo: Henrik Bülow

For a bit of culture: Kunsthal 44Møen

"This contemporary art gallery is tucked away on a small road, we almost missed it if it wasn’t for the little signs lighting the way. One of the first things you see outside on the grounds is this spectacular sand wall built by a contemporary artist Bjørn Nørgaard. We met the gallerist who explained that it was constructed when Donald Trump was trying to build a wall in between Mexico and the US. It’s built in sand to show that everything will be torn down eventually. Even though it appears very strong and harsh looking, it’s actually very fragile and every time it rains, the wall gets smaller and smaller.

"Inside the gallery itself is very modern, it’s a bit like a white cube. They have a very international reach when it comes to artists and feature both international and local artists. It’s a great mixture."

Fanefjordgade 44, 4792 Askeby

Photo: Henrik Bülow

Photo: Henrik Bülow

Photo: Henrik Bülow

For stylish comfort: Villa Huno

"Just two minutes before you reach Møns Klint itself, you will find this beautiful contemporary hotel, built from wood in a very modern architectural style. It has beautiful views over a nearby lake, which guests can swim in, and boasts eight stylish Scandinavian-style rooms. There’s also a terrace, which is perfect for grabbing a drink and watching the sunset on Lake Huno, while on your other side you have rolling hills and the lush nature beyond. Enjoy panoramic views over the water, along with great food, with a tasty continental breakfast, with fresh bread made locally and dishes presented beautifully. Bliss."

Langebjergvej 1, 4791 Borre, Møns Klint

For an afternoon vintage shopping: Hårbølle Havne Høker

"This little cafe nestled in a small harbour is great for lunch, but it also has a small section of vintage clothing. And there’s always something that you would want to wear on your summer holiday; rain jackets from the ‘80s and beautiful shirts from the ‘70s. It’s a small range, but it’s been really nicely curated. I bought a pink cotton blouse, it’s a bit like a workwear shirt, and my boyfriend Henry bought a rain jacket. They also sell great coffee and pastries from the local bakery."

Hårbølle Bro 10, 4792 Askeby

Camilla found great vintage options at Hårbølle Havne Høker. Photo: Henrik Bülow

Bygagergaard's campsite is a stay with a little bit of a difference. Photo: Henrik Bülow

Photo: Henrik Bülow

For a stay under the stars: Bygagergaard

"This isn’t your typical campsite as this one comes with its very own farm shop and sauna. Guests can stay in these beautiful white, modern tents with proper beds, and you can experience the beautiful surrounds 24/7 too as there’s an outdoor shower and bathtub with the most picturesque view.

"The farm shop, run by a lovely couple, sells local, organic food and drink, including Hårbølle honey, beer from Møn Bryghus and fresh pasta from Fejø. It also has a little coffee shop there too, serving ice cream and cake all day, so you can sit a while and hang out. They also have social dinners with local artist communities and host regular local bands, so there is always something to keep you entertained during your stay."

Hårbøllevej 70, 4792 Askeby