Holding out for a haircut in Helsinki? Try one of our favourite 5 salons in the Finnish city

By Vogue Scandinavia's Beauty Team

Photo: Courtesy of Bob Hair Helsinki

If you’re looking for a colour refresh or an easy-to-maintain cut in Helsinki, you’re in luck. Below, Vogue Scandinavia rounds up the best hair salons in the Finnish capital to banish bad hair days

The sleek interiors of Bob Hair Helsinki with cobalt blue accents

Photo: Katri Kapanen

Bob Hair Helsinki

Founded by two lauded Finnish hair stylists, Kristel Tamm and Saara Vuorela, Bob Hair Helsinki is a base for those on the hunt for the perfect (you guessed it) bob. Inspired by the revolutionary spirit of the classic 1920s cut, and building on the legacy of British hairstylist Vidal Sassoon (known for phrases such as “If you don't look good, we don't look good.”) Bob Hair has established itself as the Helsinki spot for a hot new hair cut.


Not going for the chop? Beyond the cropped cut, the team here also offers tailored services to create an easy-to-maintain modern haircut and expertly conducted makeup sessions. Better yet, this picture-perfect studio designed by Joanna Laajisto, offers an enticing background for your next salon visit with its pops of cerulean blue, steel and stone.

Fredrikinkatu 20, 00120 Helsinki


Photo: Courtesy of Q Hair

Q Hair

With multiple locations across Helsinki, Q Hair has established itself as an institution in the Finnish capital. What sets Q Hair apart is their urge to help patrons learn to love their hair. No matter your problem – perceived or otherwise – the talented stylists at Q Hair are committed to finding the best solution for you. Be it through treatments, products or curated cuts, this team is dead set on banishing bad hair days.

Runeberginkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki
Albertinkatu 22-24, 00120 Helsinki
Kampin kauppakeskus, 5. Krs, 00100 Helsinki
Kamppi - Malminrinne 2-4, 00100 Helsinki


Photo: Johannes Yrjö Poikkimäki.

Kampaamo Kotosa

Located in the heart of Helsinki, Kampaamo Kotosa was founded in 2017 by Johannes Yrjö Poikkimäki and Niina Hyötylänmäki. The two talented hairdressers came together to create a space where clients could feel right at home nestled in the salon's eclectic interiors.

Today, Kotosa offers a relaxing experience focused on pampering every client to the fullest in a relaxed atmosphere. If you're looking for fantastically flipped layers or an angeled pixie, you've come to the right place.

Pursimiehenkatu 9, 00150 Helsinki


Photo: Rainer Geselle

Noir Concept

While Noir Concept has been in the hairdressing game since 2013 its latest new-and-improved location only opened its doors in 2021. The owners, Tytti and Niina, poured their hearts and souls into the space crafting a curated interior that breathes old-world glamour. The result? A unique hair salon with eclectic and dark decor that also features a wine bar.

As expected, this salon aims to inspire its clients to be unapologetically themselves. As such, this is the perfect place to frequent when you're in a daring mood to try something different, inspired by your surroundings. Better yet, why not sip on a great glass of wine (read, liquid courage) while you're at it?

Malminrinne 3, 00100 Helsinki


Photo: Jenni Jokela

Indie Hair & Beauty

If you're the type of person who prefers getting your haircut in calm surroundings, Indie Hair & Beauty located next to the Finnish Parliament House may be just the place for you. Founded by two talented hairdressers, Elina Mantila and Anne Hiltunen, in 2013 this is a curated space filled with greenery to create one of the most peaceful hair salons we've visited so far.

Mantila and Hiltunen's approach thorough hands-on consultations and gentle ammonia-free products make them one of the salons to watch in Helsinki. They offer high-quality, professional, and highly curated services to enhance your natural look.

Aurorankatu 11, 00100 Helsinki