This two-step 'Glubbel' cocktail is all you need this holiday season

By Constance Loeper
Sparkling mulled wine

Photo: Constance Loeper

Here's the secret to a simple, spicy, bubbly and refreshing thirst quencher that's perfect for Christmas parties

“Glubbel” is an imaginary composition of the Swedish words for mulled wine “glögg” and sparkling wine “bubbel”. It’s an exuberant spicy cocktail that works both for a traditional glögg party as well as a festive pre-drink. The combination may sound odd, but once you’ve tried it you won’t regret it. In this recipe, we opt for white mulled wine rather than the traditional red, making it even more of a surprise for your guests.



Serves 10

  • 750 ml (one bottle) sparkling wine of your taste
  • 400 ml mulled, white wine (preferably this year’s mulled wine Blossa 21 Valencia)
  • Christmassy garnish of your choice
Sparkling mulled wine

Photo: Constance Loeper



Pour 1/3 mulled wine and 2/3 sparkling wine into Champagne flutes or cups. Don’t forget that both drinks should come directly from the fridge.


Garnish your cocktail with rosemary, sliced fresh ginger, a cinnamon stick or dried peels from bitter orange.