The Scandi style set has spoken: Magda Butrym's artful 3-D flowers are a summer holiday must-have

By Hannah Tappin

Photo: @hoskelsa

Our favourite tastemakers have confirmed it, exaggerated flowers are the ultimate way to elevate your vacation looks with ease

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If you consider yourself a well-informed fashion aficionado, the craze for appliqué flowers may have leapt onto your radar following the SS23 runway shows. A predominant theme within numerous high-fashion collections, including the likes of Loewe and Ludovic de Saint Sernin, designer brands' unrelenting fixation with 3-D flowers was palpable.

But the designer spearheading this budding flower revolution is Magda Butrym. Our local tastemakers have taken to Instagram to share enviable holiday snaps wearing her 3-D designs in exquisitely glamorous locations. The Scandi IT-girls adoption of the brand marks its evolution into a mainstay summer must-have whilst further catapulting the trend of blooming appliqués to new heights.

Swedish super model @hoskelsa in Magda Burtym's pink criss cross top and cropped jersey leggings.

Scandi journalist @tineandrea sporting a Magda Butrym top .

Danish model and content creator @josefinhj in Magda Butrym's strapless crochet flower appliqué bra and coordinating skirt .

Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk posed in a Barbie pink set during a beach escape, whilst Hanna Schönberg wore a Butrym's signature floral appliqués while travelling in Tuscany. The holiday dress code was clear: it must include 3-D flowers. But it isn't only the Swedes adoring Magda Butrym's romantic and feminine designs. Danish model and content creator Josefin Hanning Jensen's followers swooned over her sporting a cream crochet two-piece by the brand of the moment on the shores of Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

The brand's mass appeal has transcended beyond the beach. Stylist Hanna Marzouki Widlund has been spotted donning the sought-after designs for city soirées, as well as for dressier occasions. Take the grey, curve-hugging gown she sported as wedding guest attire in Florence, for example.

Swedish IT-girl @hannaschonberg on vacation in Tuscany in Magda Butrym's cream floral print devore criss cross top and matching ruched mini skirt .

@hannaschonberg sporting the 3D flower retro bustier swimsuit in cream away in the Maldives.

Russian-Norwegian fashion editor and journalist @darjabarannik in Magda Butrym's long sleeve flowing mini dress and jersey flare pants in red for a summer night out in Oslo. .

Aware of her esteemed reputation amongst the Scandinavian style set, Butrym has previously spoken about how she loves the way Danish women experiment with and layer her pieces, giving them an effortless feel. The Scandi muses’ ability to tailor her designs to fit their style suits Butrym’s founding mission: empowering women to feel happy, powerful and confident in their skin.

“There is not really an occasion where I do not add my Magda items whilst packing,” said Hanna Marzouki Widlund, speaking on her long-standing advocacy for the brand. “At their core, they are classic silhouettes with a twist,” she continued, “This makes the designs wearable season after season - even with the exaggerated roses being a core theme.”

Speaking to the appeal of the floral pieces, Hanna attributed this to the brand’s ability to blend elegance and sexiness in a modern way. “Her items are simple and therefore applicable to a typical Scandi style, but are also a balanced blend of romantic and sexy simultaneously - which many strive for.” Stunned by the unfathomable question of deciphering which Magda design is her most treasured, she revealed that she is “equally surprised when each new Magda item becomes a new favourite instantly.”

Swedish stylist and consultant Hanna Marzouki Widlund wearing Magda Butrym for a wedding in Florence. Photo: @hannamw

Hanna Marzouki Widlund declared that she "most definitely feels empowered" whilst wearing the brand, speaking to Butrym's ability to give women a sense of power and confidence. She attributes the silhouettes as the hero-feature, making her "feel most confident," saying that "even if many of the garments are quite naked, one never feels naked whilst wearing them."

Whether you wish to draw inspiration from your favourite tastemaker or would prefer to embrace being your own muse, we've scoured the Magda Butrym website for the exact items to shop just in time for your next break.

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Floral print devore criss cross top in cream

Magda Butrym

Floral print devore ruched mini skirt in cream

Magda Butrym

Appliqué top

Magda Butrym

Appliqué Leggings

Magda Butrym

Strapless crochet flower applique bra in cream

Magda Butrym

XL fringe crochet maxi skirt in cream

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Gathered jersey maxi dress

Magda Butrym

3D flower retro bustier swimsuit in cream

Magda Butrym

Ruched stretch-silk mini dress

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