The most popular bag of 2023? It's only €15

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Uniqlo

After a year-long victory lap on TikTok, Uniqlo's round mini shoulder bag was officially deemed bag of the year by Lyst and Google

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Be they high-end investments or high-street gems, most women have a reliable line-up of handbags in their weekly rotation. It can be a cause for havoc: flip-flopping between purses leaving us rummaging scatterbrained for forgotten lip balms, misplaced wallets, and displaced keys.

Luckily for us, TikTok found the one-stop solution earlier this year, leaving the rest of our bags tucked in the back of our closets. The culprit? Uniqlo's round mini shoulder bag.

Photo: Uniqlo

Yes, we're the first to admit this may not be the go to for your glitzy night out, however this is a workhorse when it comes to everyday wear. Combining both function and fashion, the soft structure sits comfortably under your arm – making it the perfect carry all for your daily errands – and is deceptively roomy. Better yet, two pockets on the inside conveniently separates your necessities (i.e the previously mentioned lip balm, card holder, and keys). And it comes in a vast variety of colours, making it easy to find a version that suits you.

We've had this handbag close at heart since it first popped up on our TikTok feeds, and we can now officially confirm that this shoulder bag has hit the top of the shopping charts. Shopping data experts at Lyst revealed that Uniqlo's shoulder bag is officially 2023's most in-demand item. Lyst bases its list on the online shopping behaviour of more than 200 million shoppers a year searching, browsing and buying fashion across brands and stores online – taking into account social media mentions and traction.

As if that wasn't convincing enough, the handbag also made it onto Google's Holiday 100 where it was dubbed an ‘all-round champion’ because of how search interest in the style reached an all-time high in 2023.

Is this, perhaps, 2023's best Christmas gift (be it to yourself or someone else)? We will put our €15 where our mouth is and say ‘yes’.


Round mini shoulder bag