The most spectacular beauty TikToks to get into the Halloween spirit

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: @ellenvill

Let the spooky season makeup begin, with these ten terrifying looks

The protagonist of Mean Girls, Cady Heron (played by Lindsay Lohan of course) famously says, “In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy.” Well, in the beauty world, Halloween is the one time a year when makeup moguls can go completely wild and let their creative streaks run free without being judged. On Gen Z's favourite social media platform nothing is too ostentatious when it comes to the eeriest night of the year. To get properly into spooky mode, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Halloween beauty tutorials on TikTok both for enjoyment and inspiration. Watch ahead if you dare...


Skull Face

Minna Salander honoured a Halloween classic and gave her own twist to the iconic Tate Langdon for an evergreen, always on point makeup look. Bonus points if you manage to do it on the first try.

Infrared Vision

Truthfully you can’t go wrong with a graphic liner and a bold eye and Felicia Avelkew knows that. Pair it up with a glossy — almost bloody — lip, and you’re off to go.

The Cursed Clown & The Sad Doll

The team at Linda Hallberg’s LH Cosmetics got their halloween spirit up with a more than spooky — yet somehow stylish — take on the clown and sad doll classics. Even a prosthetic nose was involved in the process.

Jack Skellington & Sally Shock

Abby Robberts and Benji Krol proved once again their makeup skills and lip syncing abilities by giving the perfect couple’s Halloween costume — Jack Skellington and Sally Shock from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Miss Argentina

The other half of the Roberts Sisters' iconic makeup duo Charlotte brought to life one of the season's most iconic characters, Miss Argentina from the film Beetlejuice. Both fashionable and artistic, her now green tinted skin will continue to fuel frightening dreams from here till next year.

The Vampire's Wife

Beauty blogger Alexandra Clare opted for a gothic inspired makeup look with just the right amount of trend, gore, fashion and blood. Vampire but make it fashion. We're calling this look 'Glampire.'

Alice in Horrorland

Starting off with a classic Alice in Wonderland look — minus the brows—, Liv Huffman gave her own spin to the fairytale and took a much more twisted turn from Alice’s “Drink Me” bottle. This time the looking glass might not be the best place for Alice to peer into.

The Corpse Bride

Emily from the classic stop-motion animated musical fantasy The Corpse Bride quite literally comes to life with Ellen Vill’s artistry application. After all, director Tim Burton is and forever will be the master of All Hallows' Eve.

The Golden Skull

Leave it to Niall Casey to quite literally create art with his makeup looks, proving once again that the skin is the perfect canvas and that the biggest crime might be the one committed by the cleanser once he has to take it all off.

The Colourful Clown

Unarguably clowns are one of the most unsettling and spooky creatures that get to roam around free during Halloween. Keilidh Cashell serves a look that is both terribly unsettling and beautifully mesmerising with her unique take on the season's creepiest creation.