The top 5 winter hikes in Sweden

By Vogue Scandinavia

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Don't let the snow and ice deter you. Winter can offer some of the most spectacular hiking experiences, with beautiful all-white vistas along the way. Here, experienced Swedish hiker Annelie Pompe rounds up the best routes in her home country

Home never beckons with more appeal than during the winter months, but it's arguably the best time to get out and explore the natural world. An added bonus? Research has shown that walking and hiking outdoors is great for not just your physical health, but your mental health too.


Fortunately, Sweden has a wide array of national trails, coastal paths and rural walking routes – many of which are especially scenic in winter when they become beautiful snow-capped vistas.

Here, Vogue Scandinavia taps Annelie Pompe, an experienced Swedish hiker, for her top tips for Swedish hike routes in the winter months. Pompe is a professional adventurer and brand ambassador for Merrell Hiking Club, a women-centric community which aims to empower, inform and inspire female hikers.

Discover her five most highly recommended hiking locales below:



Kungsleden (The King’s Trail) is a 440 kilometre hiking trail in the Swedish Lapland: Sweden’s longest hiking trail. This is a real wilderness experience, offering some of my favourite views during winter (a time when it's less crowded, too). The best part? You can switch out your hiking boots for skis along the way.

Difficulty: Expert

Kungsleden . Photo: Getty



Situated in Österlen, deep in the south of Sweden, Skåneleden is quaint and friendly area. It's geographical position means that it's a less cold locale for hiking, and could even be free from snow. There's the option to start or end your hike in many different places, making it customisable depending on your experience and preference.

Difficulty: Intermediate


Skuleskogen National Park Kuststigen

Skuleskogen has a nice mix of beautiful forests, lakes and ocean views. This area is less crowded and has well-kept trails, even during winter.

Difficulty: Intermediate/Beginner

Skuleskogen National Park Kuststigen. Photo: Courtesy of Höga Kusten


Tiveden trehörningen

Tiveden trehörningen also has well-kept trails during winter. There are many different hikes to choose from, surrounded by a wonderful forests and beautiful frozen lakes.

Difficulty: Intermediate/Beginner


Djurgården trails

This eight kilometre loop is positioned just near Stockholm, making it a very accessible hike. It’s a great option for a quick getaway if you feel you need a dose nature while in the capital.

Difficulty: Beginner/Wheelchair accessible

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