Teurn Studios - Pre-Fall '24

By Josefin Forsberg

Boyish charm and retro heartthrobs take centre stage with Teurn Studio's pre-fall offering

Pass by any gaggle of teenage boys in the Nordics and you will no doubt spot floppy hair-dos, preppy layers and breezy trousers. Whether sparked by the prevalence of 'old money' aesthetics and #RalphLaurenBoys trending on TikTok, or the sudden surge of 'babygirl' men and resurgence of '90s heartthrobs (we're looking at you, Leonardo DiCaprio), this specific look has dug its claws into the Gen Z boys. And Anna Teurnell, it seems.


Reportedly inspired by Teurnell's walks by a nearby high school, the Swedish designer presented a pre-fall collection filled with rounded silhouettes and shirts buttoned all the way up. Despite referencing such a specific sub-culture, the looks are surprisingly wearable for most women, with Teurnell offsetting the 'boy band' staples with a fluid leather midi skirt and (new-for-the-season) crepe-soled Chelsea boots on a kitten heel.

See Teurn Studio's full pre-fall '24 collection below:

Teurn Studios Pre-Fall 2024