Take a tour of Sweden's Öland with Alexander Stutterheim

By Victor Johansson
Sweden's Öland with Alexander Stutterheim

Michelin-starred restaurants, private royal gardens and waterfilled limestone quarries made for diving: let’s be honest, we have run out of excuses not to make Öland our next stop this summer

Alexander Stutterheim – founder of Stutterheim rainwear (yes, Kanye West is one of his most dedicated admirers) – took a drastic decision last year when he left both his company and his city, Stockholm, to move down to Öland and start a new life (and knitwear label: Swedish Poetry.) Here, he gives us his insider guide to the Swedish island. Proving the perfect summer residence for both the Swedish royal family and actor clan Skarsgård, we are presented with trendy art galleries and cute cafes in an unspoiled Nordic paradise just off the Swedish east coast.



It is nearly impossible to pick my favorite spots on Öland. The island is something of a fairytale, where your soul comes to rest and your mind gets inspired by the surrounding calmness. Sky, sun and horizon merge creating a special light and the slow pace of the people brings a new perspective on life. Solliden, the Swedish royal family’s summer residence, is a breathtaking spot for reflection. The castle has a beautiful garden with local and exotic plants. Its minimalist architecture is inspired by 19th century Italy that always leaves me … Well, inspired.

Sollidens Slott, 387 92 Borgholm

Photo: Solliden Öland

Hotell Borgholm

The hotel’s restaurant was recently awarded a well-deserved Michelin star. My friend, Christofer Johansson, is the most creative and talented CEO and chef you can imagine. He has a never-ending vision for inventiveness and sustainability. The menu features locally sourced ingredients. Among the dishes, we find rabbit and freshly caught halibut. Every detail is thought through. I will go there for a refreshing drink to relax in front of the fireplace, to reflect on the day, or to look over my photos after a day documenting the beauty of the Island.

Trädgårdsgatan 15-19, 387 31 Borgholm

Vida Museum & Konsthall

This is a beautiful and well-curated art museum. It is a must-stop when visiting Öland. The owners Hampus and Emmy always exhibit impressive artists from all over the world. This summer’s featured work shows the talents of artist’s like Maria Friberg and Ann Bonander. Beyond the art, the building and location make it worth a visit for these attributes alone: the modernistic building sits atop the hills overlooking the bay. On the terrace, we find a vista for enjoying a glass of wine, hanging out with friends or just contemplating life.

Landsvägen Halltorp, 387 92 Borgholm

Photo: vidamuseum / Instagram

Mormors Stenugnsbageri & Kaffestuga

One never gets tired of Öland. You can take to the road each day of the year and see something new: experience nature, the magical light, the open landscape. During these road trips, some stops are more important than others. One of them is Mormors Stenugnsbageri and Kaffestuga in small village Stora Rör. Having a freshly baked bun and coffee by the harbour at this charming café gives you the opportunity for a moment of rest and sparks the creativity.

Stora Rörsvägen 74, Stora Rör, 386 95 Färjestaden

Photo: Marcus Carlsson


"The most important thing is for you to be mesmerized by life,” said the iconic furniture designer Carl Malmsten. In the next breath, he founded this colourful craftsman school that has been running for over 50 years. Capellagården of today has beautiful buildings, gardens and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Check out the local craftsmanship of the school’s students or enjoy a classic Swedish ”fika” in the garden with the light perfume of aromatic herbs and flowers.

Vickleby bygata 25, 386 93 Färjestaden


On Öland you are always near a beach and a refreshing swim, as a break from work or as a full day adventure. With almost 300 km of coastline, Öland boasts numerous varied beaches of fine sand and rugged rocks. You are surrounded by unbroken horizon in almost every direction. At Hagapark in the southeast part of the Island, one finds surfers attracted by the waves. You should also check out the limestone quarries in Grönhögen, with its large cliffs and green water. It is one of the islands best kept secrets. Just don’t tell anyone.

Hagaparksvägen 4, 380 62 Mörbylånga