Stine Goya - SS22

By Allyson Shiffman

The secret show of Stine Goya offered an array of maximalist prints and masterful colourways

Today's Stine Goya show, a 'Secret Affair' held off-schedule in a non-descript industrial space, was more than just the fashion. Dedicated to creative communities - fashion, yes, but also music and art - it posed the question; "How much can we grow?" Guests donned glittery face masks, not only for protection but also to create a uniformity in the digital presentation, which was filmed during the show.


Within every Stine show is a wild optimism, and this outing was no different. Powdery prints clashed against one another. Balloon-sleeved dresses with drop waists and oversized shirts decorated with hand-painted motifs create an ease of movement. Set to the spoken words of Danish poetry collective, Blod, Måne, Søndag, the affair was a celebration of creation, and it, in turn, created something new and beautiful.

See the full collection below: