Søren Le Schmidt uniforms and a venue to rival Studio 54: step inside Remee Jackman’s new club Museo

By Susan Hansen
Museo Remee Jackman

Photo: Dennis Frandsen and Elisabeth Eibye

With the club scene very much back and running, Vogue Scandinavia spoke with music composer and producer Remee Jackman on his latest venture

Dreams do become reality. Remee Jackman lives to prove it, as he settles in his day job as creative director of Museo, Copenhagen’s new beating heart of club excellence. A place where art imitates life, or is it an actual matter of life imitating art? In search of an answer, Vogue Scandinavia spoke with the visionary composer and producer.


“It’s about the concentration of the moment,” Jackman reveals. “It can be achieved through culture, fashion, music and through a nightclub. A club represents an opportunity to blend all of those elements, but you need to set the bar high to provide amazing experiences.”

Remee Jackman

Photo: Dennis Frandsen and Elisabeth Eibye

Museo is the answer. The definition as “a place to display art of historic and scientific significance” resonates with Jackman, and for as long as he can recall, the word has figured in his imagination. But it took a holiday around Italy to realise this, and act upon it, as he just kept seeing the word on road signs, buildings, and in guide books.