The 7 spring nail trends to try right now, according to the experts

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Courtesy of @lolo.nailedit

Spring's arrival brings a fresh batch of nail trends to get excited about. This season, we've tapped experts Celina Rydén and Frida Selkirk to narrow down the options ahead of our next visit to the nail salon. From soft pastels, to romantic nail art and beyond – these are the spring 2024 nail trends to try now


Photo: Courtesy of Melanie Graves (@overglowedit)

Denim blue

After all, as sure as the blossoms of snowdrop and tulip are a sign of spring, the reemergence of denim jackets signifies warmers months ahead. Naturally, we want to replicate this urge for lighter denim layers on our nails according to Celina Rydén, founder of Switch Nails. It is a sentiment celebrity nail artist Frida Selkirk shares: “Light denim blue nails rule during springtime,” she says.


Glazed pastels

Glazed manicures are going nowhere in 2024. Instead, Rydén wants to see them done on cheery pastel shades that “simply make us happy.” Why not tap another Hailey Bieber favourite, trying glazed pastel green 'matcha' nails this spring?


Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Haidar (@heluviee)

Coquette nails

“The bow trend that we have seen recently is staying put and is a super nice complement to all spring colours,” says Rydén. Also known as ‘coquette nails’, this trend can (and should) be taken to the next level with “3D designs and pearls” according to the nail artist.


Photo: Courtesy of Tom Bachik (@tombachik)

Butter yellow

Butter yellow nail varnish sold out in seconds when celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik painted Selena Gomez's claws this colour. Bridging the gap between easy to create but not over-done, this manicure is a must for anyone looking forward to days spent in the sun. Take it from Selkirk, a big fan of the new trend, who describes it as “delightful.”


Photo: Courtesy of @lolo.nailedit

Aura nails

Another nail trend that seems to be sticking around for spring is the ‘aura’ nails. Best described as a gradient emanating from the centre of the nail, we've seen a slew of new takes on the look – including Selkirk's ‘cherry cola nails’ created for Vogue Scandinavia's The Signature series. While pastels might be the obvious option for adapting the trend to spring, Selkirk urges us to try a more neutral approach to this buffed-out polish, “I love contoured nails,” she says. “And I'd love to see more people try it in a '90s inspired nougat shade.”


Photo: Courtesy of @Jenny.jennys

Faded french

The faded French tip is arguably one of the most wearable manicures on this list, featuring a soft gradient that seamlessly transitions from your natural nail bed to a whisper of color at the tips. Not only is it usually rendered in a milky neutral (although a ‘denim blue’, ‘butter yellow’, or ‘matcha green’ tip could and should be tried), it also allows for nails to grow without the fuss of frequent salon visits.


Photo: Courtesy of @themaniclub

Nougat neutrals

While it may not be the most conventional spring colour, Selkirk loves “soft brown shades like camel and nougat” for the warmer season. Easily adaptable to your personal preference, this nostalgic nail colour complements a wardrobe of sleek '90s silhouettes.