Spending Valentine's Day on your own? This is everything you need for a self-care evening

By Amelie Langenskiöld

Photo: Sleeper (@daily_sleeper)

Too often Valentine’s Day is associated with romantic love. While Vogue Scandinavia might not be the first to mention it, we are firm believers that Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate and care for one's self

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It's said, "You can’t love other people until you love yourself", and while we feel unconditional love towards some people in our lives – such as parents and siblings – from the day we are born, there lies some truth in that saying.

Throughout life, we come in contact with a dozen, if not hundreds, different relationships that make us feel love. From romantic love to the love we feel towards our favourite colleague, the feeling can take on many forms. No matter the nature, all relationships have one thing in common - allowing yourself to love and be loved. For that to happen, it is only natural that we need to let down our guards and accept ourselves.

Vogue Scandinavia encourages you to take this year’s Valentine’s Day is to have a date with yourself. Here we gather the best products for an evening of self love.

Create an inviting space

Considered witchcraft for centuries, crystals have recently been used to empower us in our everyday lives without any hocus-pocus involved. That's why rose quartz is on this self-love list. Meant to make us feel unconditional love, not only towards others but foremost ourselves, it is the perfect crystal for the occasion.

Love can be experienced on so many levels, through all our senses. A natural first step during your evening of self love is to clean your home from bad thoughts and evil spirits with incense. And while the incense is lit it is a great opportunity to clean your crystal with the smoke.

Self Appreciation

Chai Scented Candle


Rose Quartz Crystal

Oh La Moon

White Sage

Ritual Incense


Pamper yourself

Once your home is cleansed it’s time for a session of pampering, and Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream is the obvious choice for the occasion. A little magic is simply the luxury one deserves. While the face cream is working it’s magic it’s a great time to put on Peter Thomas Roth's hydrating eye patches. Even though we are moving towards spring, the dry air will stay around a little longer.

Self Care

Potent-C Power Brightening Hydra-Gel Eye Patches

Peter Thomas Roth

Charlotte's magic cream

Charlotte Tilbury

Stress relief sheet mask



Bring glamour to your loungewear

Vogue Scandinavia can attest to the fact that if we look good, we feel good. The natural next step during our night of self-love is to put on our cosiest look, but this doesn't necessarily mean we need to lose our fashion sense. Sleepers' feather trimmed pyjamas give us ‘best of both worlds’ - comfortable yet stylish. Any luxurious loungewear look is incomplete without a pair of cosy slippers. Our choice for this Valentine’s Day is a pair of cashmere slippers from COS.

Self Love

Curvy trinity 4


Feather-trimmed crepe de chine pajama set


Lace Wire Bra