Soulland - SS22

By Allyson Shiffman

For SS22, Soulland is playing with dichotomies. Entitled 'Love and Tragedy', the collection, under the creative direction of Silas Adler, explores the notion of good and evil. The starting point is a fairytale of the brand’s own making, in which a dastardly king thwarts a happy ending between two fated lovers.

You really can’t discuss this Soulland show without mentioning the venue (true of most Soulland shows). Located at the Royal Arena, the vibe harkened back to those before times, when we might pack ourselves into a space with, oh, 10 to 20 thousand people. It felt both nostalgic and hopeful to be in such a place.


And then came the clothes. Oversized, boxy silhouettes realised in a colour palette of muted brown and beige, peppered with bursts of pink. Trousers are wide, dresses are flowing. A print starting Snoopy (yes, the cartoon dog) as a moment of levity. A collaboration with artist Aaron Elvis — a print of a centaur — ties it all together.

Meanwhile, as part of Soulland’s continued commitment to sustainability, the collection is fabricated entirely of dead stock, recycled materials and organic fabrics. To see the last look, one must look beyond the runway entirely — it will be released later today in the form of an NFT.

See the full collection below: