Introducing Silence, a new line from Han Kjøbenhavn debuting at Copenhagen Fashion Week

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Sebastian Vistisen Toft

For Han Kjøbenhavn's anticipated return to the Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule, designer Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen presents an entirely new sub-brand, Silence

Local fans of Han Kjøbenhavn were thrilled to see the hometown hero back on the Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule. But wait, there’s a twist! While the brand will continue to show its cinematic, sculptural showpieces during Milan Fashion Week, CPHFW will find an entirely new line under the brand's larger umbrella. Its name is, simply, Silence.


“The name is a mix of things, but essentially you want to silence an opponent, right?” says creative director and founder Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen. Drawing inspiration from the designer’s “youth and upbringing” – namely, his lifelong obsession with football – the collection promises a more accessible offering whilst staying true to the Han Kjøbenhavn ethos. This collection, too, will be steeped in emotion, Wikkelsø Davidsen’s most frequently-uttered word when describing his work.

Photo: Sebastian Vistisen Toft

“My work in the last couple of years, has been focused on re-shaping human anatomy and pushing silhouettes into sculpture-like expressions” says the designer. “My aim is always to connect with the audience on very personal level, but this time executed into an everyday language.” Yes, Silence will speak to a wider audience, but it also has plenty to offer the true heads who have been following the brand since it launched in 2008. “It’s probably something people have been missing a little bit,” says Wikkelsø Davidsen, who launched his brand with a decidedly sportier aesthetic (though he doesn’t love the word sporty). “Some old school Han Kjøbenhavn fans will say, ‘it’s about time’.”

As for what the Silence show will look like? We’ll have to wait patiently until the models hit the runway February 1st. “I’m super bad at planning – I would love to be able to tell you what I’m going to do,” says Wikkelsø Davidsen. “But it will be the emotions from Han Kjøbenhavn.