The sweet Scandi hair trend that's perfect for summer

By Hannah Coates

Photo: @hoskelsa

Blonde is back! Here's all you need to know to get Elsa Hosk's look

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The sun is shining, the weather is sweet… it’s at this point in the year that the Scandinavian blondes of Insta start to look enviably sun-kissed, just as many others seek to cultivate a similar look via less natural means.

Yes, Scandi blonde is having a moment. Like the Scandi hairline technique – which sees baby hairs around the forehead and face intentionally lightened to appear sun-bleached – Scandi blonde is all about creating hair that mimics the effects of the sunshine, in an effort to make it look as though you’ve spent all summer outdoors – and have the hair to prove it.

Photo: @matildadjerf

Hairstylist Adam Reed previously explained that creating the look is “all about respecting the hair.” A good colourist will pick out those areas that would naturally lighten in the sun. Beyond the Scandi hairline, it’s about money pieces – lighter tendrils of hair that frame the face – which help to bring light and luminosity to the skin, and are a great way to make it look healthier.

For super-light blonde shades to shine, they should be juxtaposed with other deeper tones in the hair – experts love using babylights instead of traditional highlights. “They’re much finer than classic highlights, and create colour that looks like it’s been lifted by the sun,” explains colourist John Clark, who adds that this technique also creates the illusion of additional volume in the hair.

Photo: @_jeanettemadsen_

If you’re keen to give it a try: speak to your colourist about creating some subtle but lighter tones of beige, ash and platinum through your hair if you’re already blonde, and caramels and/or other warm shades if you hair is darker. Pair with a beachy tousled wave and lots of texture, and the world may well mistake you for a real Scandi girl.

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Originally published on British Vogue.