The 'Scandi hairline' and more: 6 top-searched beauty trends to try in 2024

By Josefin Forsberg

Sofia Richie Grainge is a poster child for the 'Scandi Hairline' trend. Photo: Sofia Richie Grainge (@sofiarichiegrainge)

Unsure which beauty trends will reign supreme next year? We turn to the internet's top search terms for a clue

When just as many trends spring up online as do on the runway – all with catchy and appealing nicknames – it is easy to become overwhelmed. That's why statistics can sometimes be a beauty savant's best friend. Here, Vogue Scandinavia scours the internet for the top-searched trends that will be dominating in 2024.


The Scandi hairline

Photo: Sofia Richie Grainge (@sofiarichiegrainge)

There's never been a better time to be a natural blonde – especially a Scandi blonde, with light facial framing highlights topping the beauty trends chart. The technique itself involves a scalp bleach targeting your hairline, and throughout 2023, the urge to reach for a bottle of bleach has skyrocketed with celebrities like Sofia Richie Grainge flocking to the salon to get the look. Our best bet on how the trend got started? Matilda Djerf.

The Swedish content creator and the founder of the TikTok-favoured brand Djerf Avenue (whose cascading hair has already resulted in all of us asking for butterfly layers) has been frolicking with the likes of Richie Grainge and Hailey Bieber this year. No doubt, these trendsetting tastemakers and their brightened baby hairs are to blame for the sudden spike in appeal for Scandi hairlines.


The Cherry Cola lip

Photo: Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

Another TikTok trend to take over our search engines in 2023 was the Cherry Cola lip. The trend first cropped up back in April, when searches quickly spiked for the dark and glossy look – resulting celebrity fans like Kylie Jenner and model Amelia Gray tapping the trend.

But what exactly is the Cherry Cola lip? It is an ombré lip in combining reds and browns, usually finished with high-shine texture. To achieve the look, reach for a brown-toned, nude lip liner that is a bit darker than your natural colour and use it to outline your lips, shading in from the corners to create a radiant effect. Then, simply top it off with a pigmented pink or red balm or gloss.


Chocolate milk nails

Photo: Elsa Hosk (@hoskelsa)

We've seen a vast variety of beauty trends (mainly nails) named after sweets in 2023 – take, for instance, the Hailey Bieber-approved 'glazed donut' nails. But for 2024, we're keen to paint our nails in the subtle shade of chocolate milk. This cacao-inspired polish follows a long line-up of beverage inspired trends, spanning soft milk-bath shades to your pick of matcha greens.

As for finding the right shade, it all comes down to preference. Just like how we all have our milk-to-chocolate ratio nailed, we also have a shade of chocolate milk nail polish we no doubt prefer. But no matter you nail shade of choice, they should look good enough to devour.


Espresso makeup

Photo: Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

Makeup has been another category in beauty that has gotten a tasty makeover in 2023. What started with 'latte' makeup quickly progressed to 'vanilla girl' aesthetics and rosy 'strawberry' blush. As for the most searched for makeup look of the bunch heading into 2024? Espresso. This is the richer take on the latte trend, focusing on deeper hues of brown to intensify the look. Simply put, we're trading in our toasted golds and caramels for cacao and coffee beans.

And while we've seen Norwegian influencers like Tsutsumi Hoang sport the grungy trend, we'd argue it is supermodel Emily Ratajkowski who is to blame for its sudden surge in popularity. Her soft, smoked out brown eye has been in heavy rotation on the various red carpets of 2023 – no doubt inspiring a horde of fans to follow.


The butterfly bob

Photo: Zendaya (@zendaya)

As industry experts have already pointed out, shorter chops have been thriving in 2023 and we're seeing no end to the trend in sight. The latest cut to crop up due to this butterfly effect? The aptly named ‘butterfly bob’.

Building on the aforementioned 'butterfly' hair cut adorning Matilda Djerf, the butterfly bob sees the same shorter and voluminous top layers tumbling down towards a (slightly shorter) lengths: a two tiered cut that mimics the wings of a butterfly. While the trend can be rendered in flirty flicks or soft curves, our favourite is Zendaya's nostalgic retro curls.


Ballet-core beauty

Hailey Bieber's brand Rhode is saturated with 'Balletcore beauty'. Photo: Rhode (@rhode)

Hailey Bieber and her beauty brand Rhode are responsible for a large majority of the trending beauty looks of 2023: 'latte', 'cherry cola' and more. Undoubtedly (as a former ballerina) she's also had a hand in the softest of the aesthetics: 'ballet-core beauty'. The lovechild of the clean 'vanilla girl' aesthetic and the 'strawberry makeup', this soft flush of pink is treading into 2024 hand-in-hand with an onslaught of bows and tight buns.

Be it blush tones, a slicked-back ballet 'do, wrap-cardigans, ribbon, dewy skin or glossy lips – it's will be hard to avoid a plié into the 'ballet-core beauty' trend of 2024.