Runic Astrology March 25th - 31st: What do the runes have in store for you this week?

By Randi Bjærum

Runic astrologer Randi Bjærum uses the ancient Viking practice to forecast your love, money, career, style and health every week

Divination in runes is an ancient art that can be traced back to the Norse God Odin. Old scriptures show that the Vikings then continued this tradition - they even used used rune symbols in jewellery, clothing and weapons to boost their energy.


When we're born, we all get our own rune stone (find yours here). This birth rune indicates the abilities, talents and resources that you bring into your life.

But as the universe is constantly changing, daily, weekly or monthly runic astrology can tell you how events, actions and things affect your life. It can also reveal what energies, events and changes are occurring, and how you can best act on them. A runic horoscope is a guide to your spiritual journey and a guide on how to live life to the fullest.

Raidho (29th August – 13th September)

For some, relationships will begin this week, while others may experience relationship endings. This depends on where you stand initially. If it's been shaky for a while, now might be the time to make a final decision. Something you've been pondering for a long time may be the last straw. New relationships formed now can last a long time.

Kenaz (13th September – 28th September)

A conflict may arise between you and someone close to you in connection with Monday's lunar eclipse. If you show patience and listen to the other person, it can strengthen intimacy in existing relationships or lay the groundwork for romance in a new one. If you take a hard stance, the consequences could be significant. Follow your intuition.

Gebo (28th September – 13th October)

Now may be the time for some self-reflection in connection with Monday's lunar eclipse. Conflicts in your daily life, whether with colleagues or those at home, can wear down your everyday joy and efficiency. Address the issues head-on and communicate how you want your daily life to be. The weekend looks promising.

Wunjo (13th October – 28th October)

Now might be a good time to see things from a different perspective than before. By looking at things sideways, you may discover new nuances. Monday's lunar eclipse could test your patience in this regard. If you ease up on perfectionism and others' expectations, you may find that joy in everyday life has more room to flourish this week.

Hagalaz (28th October – 13th November)

Now you may receive strong signals from other people as well as from within yourself about what you need to address and change for your life and everyday routine to improve. Monday's lunar eclipse could turn the situation upside down. Listen to yourself. Be kind to yourself and focus on what's been accomplished rather than what's lacking. One step in the right direction is enough.

Nauthiz (13th November – 28th November)

If you're on a quest and approach things with a playful and creative attitude, anything can happen in the coming days. You're in for a fantastic Easter week with the right mindset. A flirtation may arise in that context, and if you're in a position to participate, why not? Enjoy the spring!

Isa (28th November – 13th December)

In romance and flirtation, opportunities may arise, but the situation may have a somewhat cautious undertone. You may encounter a new acquaintance in the days surrounding Monday's lunar eclipse that could become significant for you in the future. Be social. If you're in a flirtation and it stalls now at the beginning of the week, move on. Something new is on the horizon.

Jera (13th December – 28th December)

Stand up for yourself and your needs during the Easter holidays. Everyone deserves a little extra freedom. Often, this coincides with an increase in your workload, perhaps due to more visitors. It's time to stand up for yourself. Use humor. Monday's lunar eclipse will indicate where ‘enough is enough’ in your life.

Eihwaz (28th December – 13th January)

If you're on track, you can already put a period on things and treat yourself to some quieter days around Easter, starting with Monday's lunar eclipse. Get things done in the first few days because in the second half of the week, social activities pick up, and you may find people re-entering your life whom you haven't seen in a while. One of them might have had a deeper connection with you.

Perthro (13th January – 28th January)

Communication is the keyword for you this week, or the lack thereof. If you've been busy and somewhat terse with those close to you, there may be reactions. Share with others what you're up to. If you're in the final stages of a project, perhaps something related to communication, the timing is excellent. Take the time to enjoy the Easter break.

Algiz (28th January – 13th February)

The week is the ideal time to express something you feel the need to talk about. It can strengthen the intimacy between you and another. If you're asked to hold a workshop or give a lecture, say yes. It's a favourable time for you to share your knowledge and ideas. The weekend will be romantic.

Sowilo (13th February – 27th February)

Monday's lunar eclipse may bring increased expenses or income. There's a risk you might spend more money than you have, possibly to impress someone. Think long-term. Alternatively, you may secure a new source of income. Use the second half of the week for activities that fulfill some of your needs.

Teiwaz (27th February – 14th March)

It's possible that you may experience your values and needs becoming more important. If you haven't stood up for yourself and your own values, now is the time to change course. Monday's lunar eclipse may finally give you the energy you need to take concrete action in a situation. The second half of the week will be social and romantic. Open up.

Berkano (14th March – 30th March)

If you're one of the lucky ones starting a relationship this week, especially in the days around Monday's lunar eclipse, it could last a long time, perhaps permanently. The week offers several social encounters and romance if you're open to it. For some of you, you may have reached the end of a particular relationship. Know that the Universe is doing this so you can open up to something better for you in the long run.

Ehwaz (30th March – 14th April)

Pay attention to the events and signals you receive in connection with Monday's lunar eclipse. You may harvest recognition for an initiative you take. It may be related to you having greater personal weight than usual, and you can radiate authority and credibility when meeting new people. Offer yourself.

Mannaz (14th April – 29th April)

Now you may need to have some quieter days. Especially during Monday's lunar eclipse, you may find the balance between work and leisure somewhat exhausting. Find yourself small breaks to recuperate. In the second half of the week, there will be more time for your own leisure. Enjoy the days.

Laguz (29th April – 14th May)

Now, you will most likely be more introspective than usual, and maintain a lower profile than what is natural for you. This may be related to your desires, hopes, and dreams coming more into focus in the days around Monday's lunar eclipse. Take time for meditation. Dreams can come true if you take the initiative.

Ingwaz (14th May – 29th May)

Monday's lunar eclipse provides you with signals about the new things you have in store. Get your duties out of the way so you can have some time for yourself. You may experience it as a fresh start, where you can gain perspective on your life. Your circle of friends can play a positive role. Relationships you establish now will feel very right.

Othala (29th May – 14th June)

Now, you might find yourself in conflict if you don't weigh your words before speaking. Monday's lunar eclipse could bring forth an irritation within a group or your circle of friends that you want to put an end to once and for all. If you're too sharp around the edges, it could have the opposite effect. Friendships may be at risk. Evaluate your behaviour carefully.

Dagaz (14th June – 29th June)

Now, you might find yourself in conflict if you don't weigh your words before speaking. Monday's lunar eclipse could bring forth an irritation within a group or your circle of friends that you want to put an end to once and for all. If you're too sharp around the edges, it could have the opposite effect. Friendships may be at risk. Evaluate your behaviour carefully.

Fehu (29th June – 14th July)

Monday's lunar eclipse can bring good news, most likely in your professional life, but for some of you, it may apply to your personal sphere. To achieve success and progress now, it's important to respect others' boundaries. Your own integrity may be tested. Romance picks up in the second half of the week.

Uruz (14th July – 29th July)

Monday's lunar eclipse may bring interesting developments. It could reflect contact with abroad or someone you know with foreign roots. It may be related to something you initiated earlier. If things are moving at a different pace than you'd like, be patient.

Thurisaz (29th July – 13th August)

If you're heading on a journey soon, perhaps abroad, you may experience one of the best vacations in a long time. You have great opportunities to meet people you click with, and you'll be able to communicate with them on their terms or cultural understanding. There might be some tensions or stress during Monday's lunar eclipse, but with a flexible attitude, it will be fine.

Ansuz (13th August – 29th August)

You may need to take economic action in connection with Monday's lunar eclipse. There may be unforeseen expenses as a consequence of others' actions that end up becoming your problem. Address it. Find a balance between giving and receiving. In the latter half of the week, friendships and romance pick up.