Runic Astrology January 14th - 21st: What do the runes have in store for you this week?

By Randi Bjærum

Runic astrologer Randi Bjærum uses the ancient Viking practice to forecast your love, money, career, style and health every week

Divination in runes is an ancient art that can be traced back to the Norse God Odin. Old scriptures show that the Vikings then continued this tradition - they even used used rune symbols in jewellery, clothing and weapons to boost their energy.


When we're born, we all get our own rune stone (find yours here). This birth rune indicates the abilities, talents and resources that you bring into your life.

But as the universe is constantly changing, daily, weekly or monthly runic astrology can tell you how events, actions and things affect your life. It can also reveal what energies, events and changes are occurring, and how you can best act on them. A runic horoscope is a guide to your spiritual journey and a guide on how to live life to the fullest.

Raidho (29th August – 13th September)

Now is the time to focus a bit more on yourself. The steps you take to strengthen your health and daily routines will lay the foundation for the upcoming winter months. If there are habits you want to establish or get rid of, this week is a good starting point. For the best results, get others involved and make binding agreements among yourselves.

Kenaz (13th September – 28th September)

Powerful forces are at play from the universe's side this week. Someone you meet now may feel like a karmic soulmate or as if you've known each other before. If romance is involved, take it easy before forming an opinion. Most likely, you'll meet in the context of exercise, sports, or a hobby.

Gebo (28th September – 13th October)

As early as Monday, you may feel how your joy for life and creativity bubble to the surface. The need to express yourself and channel the extra energies is stronger than usual. Let yourself be carried away by your dreams. Something you start now may endure for a long time, perhaps permanently.

Wunjo (13th October – 28th October)

This week, you are best served by getting things done at home and at work as much as possible early in the week. The universe is undergoing a shift in energies, and you are in the process of establishing a more stable position than you've had in a while. Take the time to listen to yourself and your desires, and then follow your heart in the choices you make.

Hagalaz (28th October – 13th November)

The universe is sending you signals that changes are underway in your life, whether professionally, privately, or both. Increased activity in one or both areas may result from this. The need to invest in something new or initiate new projects will yield the best results if you trust your gut feeling.

Nauthiz (13th November – 28th November)

You have good cards in your hand this week, but you may need to act under pressure or adjust plans you've made. It could be related to something you've been postponing and has now become mentally overwhelming. Get started and get it done. Others are depending on your efforts.

Isa (28th November – 13th December)

Increased activity in your local area brings you in contact with people you've previously had only passing interactions with, and they may surprise you. Acquaintances you have may, by chance, develop into something more as you discover shared interests. Let friendships evolve naturally at a pace that feels right.

Jera (13th December – 28th December)

New technology can bring growth and progress for you this week. Follow the latest trends and capture the magic. Trust your intuition when the opportunity arises. At the same time, in a group context, assert yourself and your ideas. Take a moment alone to meditate. Next week, you'll be unveiling your grand visions.

Eihwaz (28th December – 13th January)

What you think and feel, you may tend to communicate directly to others now. Not everyone may have the same need as you to hear the truth about everything. Stripping people of their life illusions can create unrest. Focus on yourself instead. If there's something you want to achieve, it's time to take a step towards it.

Perthro (13th January – 28th January)

You're in a period where you have celestial winds at your back, but to fully harness this, you must align with your higher consciousness. You're at a crossroads this week, and you may feel your restlessness rising. You're ready to step into the unknown, no matter the cost. Find a middle ground.

Algiz (28th January – 13th February)

Until the middle of the week, you'll likely be more introverted than usual and maintain a lower profile than is natural for you. Alternatively, you may operate on others' terms out of duty or expectation. Then, you'll experience a fresh start with a clean slate. You're entering a new era where you'll live more in tune with who you are. Embrace it!

Sowilo (13th February – 27th February)

Now, you may experience your subconscious working overtime, with intuitive flashes coming at times. Some of you may even experience occasional headaches. Take some time to slow down if you can. Retreat and listen to your dreams. You're facing significant transformations in the years ahead, and this week, you may feel the pressure at the starting line. Write down whatever comes to you.

Teiwaz (27th February – 14th March)

In the next few days, you may be less competitive and ambitious than usual. Take time to reflect on your values and dreams. You're on the verge of a phase where you'll give structure to your dreams. If you heed the signals and work in harmony with the universe's energies, you'll be the one who comes out on top.

Berkano (14th March – 30th March)

Your position in a group setting may be strengthened this week. For some, it may mean a new role, while others may find that their role is fulfilled. This could be because ideals or interests are heading in a new direction. But the need to be seen by others may be increasing. Make yourself visible.

Ehwaz (30th March – 14th April)

The balance between being an individual and belonging to a group may come up as an inner conflict this week. You may have a growing need to do more on your own, but you also see the necessity of being part of a larger network to make it happen. Take the time to find that balance.

Mannaz (14th April – 29th April)

Now, you face powerful energies that could sweep away your foundation or public role. It could be as simple as letting go of a bad habit or a hobby. The process can be likened to the myth of the Phoenix, turning everything upside down so you can build something new from the remnants. Trust the process. You'll find it liberating when you gain some objective distance from it.

Laguz (29th April – 14th May)

Now you are more visible than usual in the public sphere, and job offers may result from it. An unexpected opportunity could also open up a new direction in your career. Take the time to explore this direction before forming a final opinion. If relocation is involved, consult those at home.

Ingwaz (14th May – 29th May)

People you meet or a journey you undertake can change a fundamental attitude you have towards life and what is important. Be open to the new. Let information flow in and let it simmer in the back of your mind. Go with the flow without letting yourself be provoked. You know what matters.

Othala (29th May – 14th June)

Now, perspectives on life and the path forward are essential themes. It may be time to take active steps to progress mentally on the emotional plane, such as forging closer bonds or giving your life a new direction, whether through a job change or relocation.

Dagaz (14th June – 29th June)

You may now find yourself having to operate on different terms and maintain a lower profile, even though you probably have the urge to take initiative and get things done. However, this is a time to look inward, nurture the seeds you've planted earlier, and allow them time to mature. Your time will come.

Fehu (29th June – 14th July)

Communication is on the rise in close relationships. This can apply to both professional and private aspects of your life. In close relationships, bonds are strengthened in a gentle way, making the other person feel comfortable in your presence. Professionally or in friendships, you may gain recognition from someone who has knowledge and authority to help you progress. Trust your intuition.

Uruz (14th July – 29th July)

You may be on the verge of significant changes in the coming days. In the first half of the week, duties and everyday work may take up much of your time. You communicate well and bounce back relatively quickly. You charm with words and humour, even in close relationships. If you establish a partnership now, it may endure for a long time, perhaps permanently.

Thurisaz (29th July – 13th August)

You'll want to do a lot at once now, and inner pressure can lead to a hectic pace. Outwardly, this may be perceived as impatience, and others might find you a bit sharp-edged. It's crucial to get others on board, both professionally and privately. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Be diplomatic.

Ansuz (13th August – 29th August)

Many tasks at work and perhaps new routines may occupy much of your time in the first few days of the week. You juggle well, but stress over keeping track of all the details can affect your sleep. Distribute the tasks, and focus more on long-term goals and the bigger picture. Romance picks up in the latter half of the week.