Ride a mechanical bull down memory lane with Matilda Djerf

By Vogue Scandinavia's Video Team

Vogue Scandinavia's digital cover star Matilda Djerf rides the rodeo of hopes and dreams in this exclusive video

The world is well-acquainted with Matilda Djerf today, but who was she before? What were the hopes and dreams that formed her? Join the rodeo with Djerf, as – atop a mechanical bull (naturally) in the Stockholm archipelago – she opens up about the journey that brought her to who she is today.


Video by Kristian Bengtsson and Margarita Sheremet
Moving cover: Margarita Sheremet
Stylist: Sara Jeminen
Talent: Matilda Djerf
Hair Stylist: Philip Fohlin
Makeup Artist: Josefina Zarmén
Stylist Assistants: Ebba Martin, Emma Glennow
Production Assistant: Elsa Lagercrantz
Production: Linkdetails