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"In search of perfect asymmetry": Danish Israeli jewellery designer Orit Elhanati on what drives her incredible work

By Lara Oliveri

Orit Elhanati's magical jewellery pieces are captivating audiences across the world. She tells Vogue Scandinavia about making her "chaotic thoughts tangible" and how a childhood split between Copenhagen and Tel Aviv informs her designs

When Orit Elhanati couldn't find jewellery pieces that she wanted to wear, she decided to make her own. It's a simple enough origin story, but her intricate designs are anything but - the exquisite items that comprise her eponymous brand can sometimes take months to create. And the idea is that their intrinsic timeless quality will help them last even longer.


“My main motive is designing things that I personally crave and want," she says. "For me, the achievement lies in seeing my chaotic thoughts become something tangible. I strive to create something that will outlive both you and me. It is a huge gift to be able to do this, and I take it very seriously. It is a humbling feeling, knowing that I am part of helping people tell their stories, to create something that will be passed down for centuries.”

Because I am a mix of two worlds, I created my own universe.

Orit Elhanati