This summer, douse yourself in Omar Rudberg and Edvin Ryding’s favourite fragrance for a first date

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Mira & Thilda Berglind

Warm, fresh and “a little bit sexy” – Omar Rudberg teams up with Young Royals co-star Edvin Ryding to distil their friendship into the summer’s most sought-after scent. We chat with the creative duo before the launch of OMR Beauty’s new fragrance, Duo

Omar Rudberg has always wanted to create a brand of his own. The Venezuelan-Swedish singer and actor, best known for his role as Simon in Young Royals, is positively bursting with creativity. “I just wasn’t sure if it should be jewellery or clothes or whatever,” he says. With a natural flair for fashion – sporting a single drop earring and a striped knitted vest during our chat – both categories seem a perfect fit for the star. But after much humming and hawing, Rudberg’s choice fell on perfume.


In 2023, the beauty community welcomed Rudberg’s first fragrance —aptly named Intro — released by his brand OMR Beauty with open arms. Described as a “love letter” from Rudberg, the “spicy and confident” scent is an extension of his identity. Sun-ripened grapefruit, ginger, and Brazilian pink pepper draw the mind to Venezuela, wrapped in warm woody base notes, sweet apples, lavender, and green leaves.

Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg. Photo: Mira & Thilda Berglind

Now, Rudberg joins forces with Young Royals co-star Edvin Ryding on the brand’s second perfume. “Edvin was actually involved from the start,” says Rudberg. “He helped me pick the bottle for Intro.” According to Rudberg, it only felt natural to collaborate with Ryding on the second perfume. “He didn’t hesitate,” adds Rudberg.

Photo: Mira & Thilda Berglind

Photo: Mira & Thilda Berglind

Photo: Mira & Thilda Berglind

For Ryding, the process was “exciting.” “We got to work creatively with a whole new sense. It was rewarding to apply what we knew from before – the visual and the storytelling – to finding the right scent for this perfume,” says Ryding. “There were a lot of versions, but we knew when we had found the one the second we smelled it,” adds Rudberg.

When brainstorming the new scent Duo, our favourite creative duo quickly decided on a citrus scent. “Edvin had a clear concept of what the perfume should be from the start,” shares Rudberg. “The colours, the story for the campaign, we were just trying to find the right mix of our favourite perfume notes.” Warm, with notes of lemon, bergamot, juniper berry, and aromatic herbs in the heart, the final fragrance was grounded by base notes of cedarwood, dry amber, and musk. “The perfect summer scent,” says Rudberg. “It really stuck out to me,” adds Ryding. “It smelled like what I want to wear on a summer night or first date." According to Rudberg: "A little bit sexy.”

It really stuck out to me. It smelled like what I want to wear on a summer night or first date.

Edvin Ryding

Ryding and Rudberg are revving to wear the new fragrance. “I can’t wait to layer it with Intro,” says Rudberg. “Duo is actually perfect to pair with other perfumes,” Ryding chimes in. “I love how light it is; the lemon settles on top of other scents and freshens them up.”

Tapping into their friendship when creating the new perfume felt natural to Rudberg. “When we first got our hands on the final version, it just felt right,” he says. “It was our favourite scents in one bottle.” A friendship distilled, allowing their most dedicated fans to smell delectable – just like the duo intended.

The limited-edition launch is exclusively available on from June 12th.