Omar Rudberg and Mapei accidentally twin in Swedish varsity jackets

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: @mapeiofficial @officialomar

Omar Rudberg and Mapei showed up to record a Swedish version of the latter’s hit ‘Don’t Wait’ – and delivered this month's second notable twinning varsity moment

Varsity jackets, though American in origin, have a special place in the Swedish wardrobe. Just ask Omar Rudberg and Mapei, who showed up to record a soul-stirring Swedish version of the latter’s hit ‘Don’t Wait / Om du inte fanns’ in very similar varsities. To make the twinning moment – which Mapei confirms as being unplanned on her Instagram – more potent, both jackets are courtesy of Swedish brands. Mapei’s brown and off-white jacket is courtesy of beloved sneaker shop SNS while Rudberg’s is from Gant’s 240 Mulberry Street collection (a Taylor Swift favourite).


The two Swedish artists met on the set of "Så Mycket Bättre”, the show that brings artists together to interpret one another’s most beloved songs. Evidently they are on the same wavelength both artistically and aesthetically.

This wasn’t the first twinning varsity jacket moment this month; weeks ago rumoured couple Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper stepped out in New York on consecutive days wearing jarringly similar outerwear, one of which (Cooper’s) was also by a Swedish brand (J Lindeberg).

Do you dare to step out with a friend or collaborator in matching varsity jackets? If so, both Rudberg and Mapei’s jackets are purchasable below.

Wool varsity jacket


Leather varsity jacket