"I freed myself": Discover the magic and truth of Ceval in this video for Vogue Scandinavia

By Clare McInerney

"When you are in the light, you are not burdened by all the heaviness." In this short film for Vogue Scandinavia, Ceval mesmerises with her poetic honesty

In a one-of-a-kind cover story for Vogue Scandinavia's latest issue, trail-blazing trans Norwegian model Ceval Omar describes her friends, her confidants – her sisters – as "all my leaves of my tree". Fittingly, here, a goddess-like Ceval is captured amongst glorious nature, surrounded by her sisterhood.


Growing up in Oslo, Norway, Ceval was "continually told by every person in my life and society, and my culture and religion, that I was not meant to be and shouldn’t be," she says. "And I would live in the shadows." Hers is a journey from darkness to light and warmth, a journey that has very much been her own, but shared and supported by her chosen family.

Here it through her own words below.

Director : Jiawa Liu
Movement Director : Eric Christison
DOP : Jules Fletcher
Video Assistant : Alexandre Bloch
2nd Videographer : Maximilien Barrucand
Stylist : Julia Brenard
Makeup Artist : Vanessa Bellini @vanessa_bellini_
Hair Stylist : Pablo Kuemin
Nail Artist: Christina Conrad
Models : Ceval, Raya Martigny, Jacqueline Landvik, Chili Dia, Inti Wang, Dustin Muchuvitz, Maxim Magnus, Micky Hes, Gia Bab
Stylist Assistants : Celinda Woodward, Saunders Ervin
Makeup Assistants : Anne Chailloux, Xiaoyuan Yang
Hair Assistants : Yi-Han Jen, Cloé Hobi, Eva Dolou
Seamstress : Faith Kukla
Production Manager : Michelle Ngadino
Production : Clara Rea, Jiawa Liu
Executive Producer : Kornelia Eklund
Set Designer : Chloe Barriere
Senior Production Assistant : Apolline Baillet
Production Assistants : Aude Atchori, Pierrot Leba, Samididou Awessou
Retouch : Nadia Seelander