Marianne Theodorsen and Dua Lipa make a case for red hair this autumn

By Allyson Shiffman

@marianne_theodorsen, @dualipa.

Norwegian influencer Marianne Theodorsen and pop star Dua Lipa both reveal they've gone red

What do Dua Lipa and Norwegian influencer Marianne Theodorsen have in common? They’ve both gone red for fall. And not just any red, but a deep, rich crimson. A winter-is-coming shade that pairs well with cosy sweaters and warm beverages.


When it comes to colour, Theodorsen is of the “more is more” mentality – a school of thought that extends past her candy-coloured wardrobe to her hair and makeup. “I’ve always loved having fun with my hair – especially when it comes to colour,” she notes in the caption. She pairs her new look with a pale yellow Christopher Esber top – a hue that dominated the spring/summer 2024 runways.

Lipa, whose dramatic red hair reveal is currently the only image on her Instagram feed, is also unafraid to reach for the dye bottle. While raven hair is surely her signature, she has gone bleach blonde, two-toned and even fire engine red in the past. Her image was paired with a cheekier caption: “Miss me?”

The response to both reveals? Resounding likes. As the leaves turn red so do our heads – we’ve officially entered redhead season.