Lovechild 1979 - AW22

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Lovechild 1979

For autumn/winter 2022 Lovechild 1979 takes a grown up turn, inspired by memories of yesterday

Lately, Lovechild 1979 creative director Anne-Dorthe Larsen has been looking to the past. Spurred by endless evenings spent at home (on account of you-know-what), she’s found herself “listening to mellow jazz in dimmed lighting.” This idyllic scene has found her revelling in memories of good times gone and thinking of how “clothes can set a certain mood.” She has, as she puts it, longed for “afternoons getting ready alone, for evenings spent in the company of someone I love or even a stranger.”


“I wanted the collection to capture both the younger me - the me from those memories - and the grown up me,” she says. “The me who appreciates those memories now.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, today’s show was set to the tune of live music — the freewheeling tunes of a standup bass, grand piano and trumpet.

Memories have a tendency to be tinged with romanticism – as if viewed through a foggy lens. There’s plenty of old school romanticism here, in the breezy earth-toned dresses and the relaxed blouses that tied at the neck. The collection is balanced by more masculine elements; the dapper tailoring, the sophisticated trousers. "This collection may appear slightly more grown up than previous ones, and our aim is to expand in that direction,” says Larsen.

One can envision new memories made in these garments – the free-wheeling bra tops especially, which can be worn on their own or over a crisp shirt. Memories that will, hopefully, be made “in the company of people.”

See the full collection below: