"I am f***ing game for change": Lisa Rinna on leaving her iconic flip behind for bleach blonde locks by Björn Axén

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Vanessa Tryde

Do (bleach) blondes have more fun? If you were to ask Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna the answer would be a resounding yes

"Are you ready for the transformation," American reality star, actress and former Rotate muse Lisa Rinna chirps. Entering the Parisian suite of couture fiend Fredrik Robertsson and Björn Axén's CEO Johan Hellström, the reality star is revving for a revamped look. Something she's never tried before. Rinna is ready to go blonde.


The transformation took place in the suite's marble bathroom, with Rinna's golden brown strands being slathered in bleach by Hellström's right-hand man Iman Blomsterson. "I am f***ing game for change," says Rinna, wrapped in a fluffy white robe. "I love freshness."

Photo: Vanessa Tryde

"You know what I really love to do?," Rinna continues. "I like to freak people out. And I think this will freak people out." A sentiment most of the internet shared as Rinna stepped onto the Balenciaga carpet with slicked-back bleach blonde hair having replaced her emblematic choppy flick.

Having gone through her own transformation from Norma Jean to a modern Marilyn Monroe, Rinna ends pondering the perennial beauty question: "Do blondes have more fun?" If you're Lisa Rinna, then undoubtedly so.