Latimmier - runway - SS23

By Allyson Shiffman

Traditional masculine style sensually reworked

For Lattimier’s Copenhagen debut, the Finnish brand sought to bring home its single central message: “Masculinity is a performance.” "I really hope that showgoers leave the show understanding that we aren’t just about a fad – thematically speaking – but rather a brand that is actually aiming to change how we approach gender in fashion,” says founder Ervin Latimer. Guests entered a CrossFit gym where they were met with he-men deadlifting weights and doing chin-ups.


While the brand’s last presentation in January, a ballroom-style performance, certainly introduced this notion, spring/summer 2023 collection announces Lattimier as more than just a fleeting concept. Here we find a fashion house with real staying power. Dubbed 'Juvenile Expectations', the collection draws inspiration from 1998 Swedish coming of age film Fucking Åmå (Show Me Love). “It depicted that naive longing for being somewhere else, somewhere more exciting, all messed up, high or drunk, free from constraints,” says Latimer. “However, as we all know we don’t often really know what’s best for us when we’re young...”

It’s a doubling down of the codes established from the brand’s first collection – easy, breezy shirts and tailoring. A “relaxed silhouette that doesn’t just hide the body”. It’s a tailoring conundrum that Latimer solves with slashed shoulders and open blazers with nothing beneath. The result is traditionally masculine items – trousers, shirts and blazers – made unabashedly sensual. Sumptuous recycled leather and cashmere (in fact, 65% of the fabrics are certified sustainable and organic) underscores this sentiment.

They’re the sort of garments sure to be scooped up by emerging fans of all identities. As Latimer puts it, clothes “don’t have a gender, they are just different silhouettes on different bodies.”