Kerne.milk - AW22

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Kerne.milk

“Somewhere between comfortability, dressing up, and having fun is where the ‘Circus' collection is to be found”

Kerne.milk’s autumn/winter 2022 collection transports us to a world of colour and contrast, where movement meets the eccentric ambience of a circus. This season, creative directors Marie Mark and Katrina Anne Wittig drew inspiration from their roots, as both of the designers grew up as dancers. Heavily influenced by the power of movement, this season’s collection is a celebration of the unique shapes of our bodies, defining and emphasising our natural curves through the garments.


The designers name having fun as one of the key elements that characterise the collection, where exploring new ways of creating is at the core of the pieces. For AW22, Mark and Wittig have experimented with accessories, prints and trim while a collaboration with Danish artist Anne Holm adds a quirky element to this season’s ‘spring’ cardigans via one-of-a-kind ceramic buttons. The collection also puts an inventive spin on sustainability, as off-cut scraps from previous collections have been transformed into dainty bras and bag straps.

The colourway alongside the eccentric prints and stripes reflect the playful spirit of a circus, where vivid pink, scarlet red, lime green and cobalt blue are contrasted with darker shades of brown and jet black. Signature edge-tape contrast lines and overlock stitching, mesh fabric and second-skin pieces expose and define the shapes of the body and play perfectly into Mark and Wittig's vision for the collection.

See the full collection below: