Just A Notion: ABBA is releasing a new single

By Doris Daga

Photo: Getty

ABBA has delved into their archives releasing a new single recorded in back in 1978

Tonight at midnight, ABBA will be releasing a new single. Yes, even though it’s been a few months since the release of I Still Have Faith in You and Don’t Shut Me Down, it still feels like we’re living in a dream.


The song Just A Notion is actually a demo track that they’ve revisited. Originally recorded in 1978, this record is going to see the light of day after over 40 years. The song has already been teased on the band’s TikTok, with over a million views in the last few days. In the video, one of the ABBA members turns up the volume on a Drawmer MC 3.1 monitor console to reveal the pre-chorus and the beginning of the chorus of the new (or should we say old?) track.

From what we know so far, it falls in line with dansband, an eccentric genre of music that took Sweden by storm during the 1970s. Waterloo and I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do fall in line with the essence of ‘Dansband,’ meaning we’re about to experience a classic ABBA track.

Based on the time of the recording, it's clear the song was meant to be a part of the Voulez-Vous album (my personal favourite), which has a grittier disco sound to it. While Just A Notion would not have fit onto that tracklist, it has finally found its home on ABBA's new album,Voyage out November 5th.