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"Joalin symbolises a new Nordic generation": Letter from the editor

By Martina Bonnier

Dress made from shell and recycled nylon, €79, Leggings made from shell and recycled nylon, €79, Earrings made from recycled metal, €59, Leather belt, €99. All Mugler x H&M. Photo: Karoliina Bärlund

Editor in chief Martina Bonnier on why our latest digital cover – featuring Vogue Scandinavia's first-ever Finnish star – is not to be missed

When I discovered singer-songwriter and dancer Joalin Loukamaa, I was immediately intrigued by her very singular sense of rhythm and poise. Embodying her combined Finnish and Mexican heritage, there is a very fascinating contrast and polarity to Joalin: between her classically Scandinavian look and the lively Latin beat that drives and defines her. This rhythm shines through in the way she holds herself in our cover shoot, the way she moves in our exclusive video. It’s mesmerising to observe.


This marks the milestone of our first-ever Finnish cover star, with an unmissable editorial which is the first of Vogue Scandinavia’s to be shot in Helsinki – across a mix of iconic locations including the interior of the Savoy restaurant, designed by Alvar Aalto in the 1930s.

And it's only fitting that Joalin is our digital cover star, as her journey as a solo talent had its beginnings during Covid, her fast-growing stardom playing out predominantly across social media. Joalin is truly an all-digital public figure and symbolises a new Nordic generation. In fact, for this cover, we initially presented the idea to have Joalin dance the famous Finnish Tango that was such a phenomenon during the 20th century – but soon realised that Joalin was too young to know the reference. So, instead, we step with her into the new cultural wave. It’s a new shift, a new vibe.

Cropped blazer, €890. JW Anderson. Knit bra, €221. Christopher Esber. Asymmetric skirt, €929. Sportmax. Gold ring, €2280. Mannström. Gold ring, €80. Ragbag. Leather sandals, €740. Sania D’mina. Photo: Karoliina Bärlund

Photo: Karoliina Barlünd

With devoted fan bases in Finland and across Latin America, Joalin showcases the best of both worlds. The mastery of digital innovation and communication that Finnish excel at – largely out of geographical necessity – and the ways in which Latin communities openly express their love and adoration for pop stars and for each other. As Scandinavians, we aren’t always known for immediately opening up our hearts, but Joalin teaches us why this is something to embrace.

This rich cultural intersection that Joalin represents is exactly what we at Vogue Scandinavia wish to celebrate.