Iggy Jeans - AW22

By Josefin Forsberg

This season, Iggy Jeans explores what lies beyond Levi's

Ever since Iggy Jeans' inception, the brand has relied on the upcycling of classic Levi's 501s. This season, however, designer Ingrid Berg goes beyond denim in her designs, spreading her signature style across multiple garment categories. “We wanted to provoke and disturb the Scandinavian fashion norms and most importantly we just wanted to have fun and try not to give a shit about how people interpret us," Berg says about her latest looks.


Partnering with young up-and-coming knitwear brand Imaskopi – founded in 2020 by Nelly Skog – the two Swedish creatives joins forces for the autumn/winter season. Imaskopi creates non-gendered hand-knitted and crocheted pieces. “For me personally owning space involves risk taking - questioning myself, my privileged position in society and in what ways I can contribute to change," Skog says of the collaboration.

Both brands are founded by young female designers. Together they have created handmade pieces that captures a youthful fashion and that disturbs the establishment, going beyond our traditional perception of what knitting and second hand clothing can be.

See the full collection below:

Iggy Jeans x Imaskopi AW22