Ida Sjöstedt - runway - AW22

By Josefin Forsberg

In a floral explosion of 3D appliqué, Ida Sjöstedt welcomed the autumn/winter season

"I wanted there to be a lot of juxtaposition," Ida Sjöstedt told Vogue Scandinavia running through the autumn/winter 2022 collection ahead of Stockholm Fashion Week. "I was designing for a female superhero in a way, bodies and catsuits and voluminous coats with cinched wasp waists. And a lot of layering," Sjöstedt smiles, holding one of her signature 3D appliqué floral skirts against a sheer lace catsuit.


While underlined with a darker-than-usual expression, Ida Sjöstedt's latest collection is quintessential to the brand. Feminine silhouettes, ruffles, especially made floral fabrics, and sparkly detailings are prevalent among the clothes hanging in neat rows. The usual blush pinks and blacks are grounded with earthy tones – champagne, mauve, sand and forest green, as well as dark browns with metallic shimmer. Texture is, as always, a key factor, especially endearing in a jumpsuit ensemble covered in shimmy-inducing fringe. The collection is one for romantics, grounded in the hay days of fanciful fashion and occasion dressing, the fringed and gilded garments reminiscent of the flapper era.

"Really, the inspiration came from this idea of hyper nature," Sjöstedt explains. As she explains it, "this idea of nature but better". Some of Sjöstedt's signature have been transformed to fit the theme, with her usual polka-dots replaced by a bee pattern reminiscent of the print. Bees also pollinate the rest of the collection, found on the gilded buttons of cardigans. "It felt fitting, considering how much we looked at nature," Sjöstedt points out.

See the full collection below:

Ida Sjöstedt AW22