How to support Ukraine from Scandinavia

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Getty

Across the world, commitment to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia continues to mount. Here is how to help from Scandinavia through local organisations

In light of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis, countries across the globe have come together in support of Ukraine. Countless protests and demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have occurred since the conflict erupted. And while we can achieve a significant impact by coming together as a group, individuals too can aid in helping Ukraine.


Over the last week, the internet and social media platforms have been aflush with information and websites for donating money and necessities for the people in Ukraine. It can be challenging to navigate the flurry of information in the online jungle. However, there are many ways for individuals to help out. Amongst others by donating through non-profit organisations. Below, we’ve listed certified non-profit organisations operating across the Nordics, where donations are guaranteed to reach Ukraine and those who need them.


There are numerous ways to donate everything from money to clothing and other necessities in Sweden. Through Red Cross in Sweden, money can be contributed towards providing food, water, warm clothes and shelter for everyone affected in Ukraine, whereas United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees focuses on helping the refugees. To support the children and their rights in the midst of the crisis, large non-profit organisations like Unicef and Rädda Barnen assure that donations used to protect the children.

Where donating money is not always an option for everyone, organisations like Naturkompaniet are collecting functional clothing and items such as socks, gloves and blankets and sending them to Ukraine. The collection runs from the 25th of February to the 6th of March in all of their stores.


The donations for Finnish Unicef and Pelastakaa Lapset ry go straight towards protecting the Ukrainian children and their rights. In addition, donations can be made through Kirkon Ulkomaanapu, where the money goes towards supporting Ukrainian families who have been forced to flee from their homes. To help the women in Ukraine and its’ neighbouring countries, donations for UN Women in Finland will support women who have experienced any sort of violence during this difficult time. Further alternatives, Fida and Punainen Risti use the donated money for providing food, shelter, clothing and hygiene products.


Norwegian Refugee Council help provide for refugees forced to flee Ukraine. In addition, through Unicef in Norway and Redd Barna, donations go to protecting the children affected by the conflict. Alternatively, contributions made to Rode Kors in Norway are used for providing health care, food, water and warm clothes.


Similarly, in Denmark, Danish Unicef and Red Barnet focus their work on fighting for the rights of the children amid the crisis. Additionally, Danish Red Cross participates in helping the children too, as well as focusing on aiding the adults with food, shelter, warm clothes and water.


As in the rest of Scandinavia, Icelandic Unicef and Barna Heill are fighting for the children’s wellbeing, where donations go to providing health care, shelter, food, water and warm clothing for the children in Ukraine. The Red Cross (Raudi Krossinn) operates in Iceland as well, where donations are used to provide necessities for children and adults.