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Hung up on someone you never properly dated? Here’s how to get over them

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Gregory Harris

Our beauty editor Esteban G Villanueva recently got ghosted by someone he 'barely knew,' but it still hurt all the same. After all, when you put yourself out there and you’re ghosted, it can take a huge toll

I was ghosted. That’s not the story, actually, we already have an article on that. The story is how much it hurt. The moment I found myself lying in bed, three in the morning, silently crying over someone I barely knew over text, I got both angry at myself, but also, realised I had to do something about it — specifically, I had to get over them. But how do you get over someone you never actually had a relationship with? How do you get a relationship that only happened in your head?


Being a Gen Zer, I’m not afraid of therapy, actually, I love it, so naturally I sought one of the best therapists in the region to answer the excruciating questions around my horribly unpleasant grief. Sisse Find, psychologist who specialises in stress, anxiety and personal development, and co-founder of the Danish consulting and research house HeyPeople, was kind enough to not only listen to my painfully dramatic story but also walk me through the dissection of how these one-sided relationships affect us and how one can rise like a phoenix from the ashes.