Hope - AW22

By Josefin Forsberg

This season, Hope designer Frida Bard found inspiration growing in the garden

"We designed this first drop in August last year," Hope creative director Frida Bard told Vogue Scandinavia during the brand's collection run through. "I spent all this time outside in the garden, and it really affected what I designed." She points towards the rail of workwear in a muted palette. There's an organic essence to the ensembles. Clean lines meet muddied colour ways present throughout the collection. A boiler jumpsuit takes on the dusty green of late summer, while brushed florals can be found dotting the line-up.


"I was very inspired by Georgia O'Keefe, and the contrast between her artwork and the way she would dress herself," Bard says. The inspiration can be found literally, in an apron transformed into a wrap dress. "It may be too bare to wear on its own, but it is great for layering." Other influences the artist has had is seen in the casual oversized suiting and checked flannel shirts, off-set by sharp waists and pinstripes. "I've been very drawn to the blazer and skirt combo this season," Bard ponders.

In its essence, Hope's collection is an ode to nature and its supernatural power to survive and grow. The brand pointedly picks a quote by the late eccentric garden designer and author Ryan Gainey to summarise the season. He said, "We're in a constant struggle to control it because there lies the genius of man, the ability to control nature but for one purpose only, to create beauty."

See the full collection below:

Hope AW22