Han Kjøbenhavn - AW24

By Allyson Shiffman

Han Kjøbenhavn unveils its new diffusion line, Silence, with a collection that finds its roots in founder and creative director's unawvering football obsession

Today, in a cavernous industrial space, Han Kjøbenhavn presented an entirely new diffusion line. Dubbed Silence, the collection offers an everyday counterpoint to the sculptural showpieces found on the Han Kjøbenhavn runway in Milan. For true Han Kjøbenhavn heads – those who have been a fan since its founding in 2008 – today’s show may have felt delightfully familiar. “Some old school Han Kjøbenhavn fans will say, ‘It’s about time’,” says founder and creative director Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen.

The collection is rooted in Wikkelsø Davidsen’s adolescence, namely his unwavering football obsession. “I’m a football guy, not only the game on the field but the emotion and the culture around it,” he says, noting that football jerseys were part of the brand’s early offering about a decade ago. In many ways, it’s the perfect starting point for Wikkelsø Davidsen, a designer constantly preoccupied with emotions. “My aim is always to execute on the emotions,” he says. As any football fan will tell you, it’s a very emotional sport.

Though Silence is more consumer-friendly, it’s hardly straightforward streetwear. Here we find the same sculptural expression honed by Han Kjøbenhavn over the past several seasons in more accessible garments — bombers and hoodies, big, baggy track pants. Sleeves run extra long, shoulders are sharp and exaggerated. “If you see my work in the past couple years, it’s silhouettes and sculpture-like expressions,” he says. “It’s about bringing those broad and artistic strokes into an everyday language.” In more extreme moments, high-cut thongs and bodysuits are paired with big, chunky boots. Legs go on, seemingly, forever.

Silence may technically be something new, but it’s firmly in Wikkelsø Davidsen’s wheelhouse. A true homecoming and a love-letter to the designer’s forever passion. “I still watch seven games a week,” he says. “I’m still a season ticket holder.”

See the full Han Kjøbenhavn AW24 collection below:

Han Kjøbenhavn - AW24