Grand Hôtel releases a coffee table book celebrating 150 years of Stockholm’s iconic landmark

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Grand Hôtel

Conceived in collaboration with Swedish creatives Rami Hanna and Hanna Marzouki Widlund, Grand Hôtel’s new coffee table book delves into the site’s rich history, brought to life by striking imagery and handwritten notes – offering an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes

Grand Hôtel, one of Stockholm’s most prestigious destinations, opens the doors to its illustrious history, present and future in a coffee table book the hotel has created in collaboration with photographer Rami Hanna and stylist Hanna Marzouki Widlund of HA/NA Productions. Commemorating 150 years of luxury, elegance and vibrant heritage, the book offers readers an immersive exploration of the esteemed hotel’s cultural and entertaining legacy.


“Grand Hôtel is not just a building; it’s a destination steeped in history, craftsmanship, and innovation. This coffee table book is our tribute to the past, present, and what is to come – a time capsule allowing our guests and visitors to delve deep into the hotel’s fascinating world and experience its timeless beauty and elegance as we celebrate 150 years,” says Pia Djupmark, CEO of Grand Hôtel.

Photo: Grand Hôtel

Photo: Grand Hôtel

Over its century-plus journey, Grand Hôtel has witnessed a lot – from glamorous galas to high-profile events, romantic retreats, and celebrity stays, the historic building, which sits right next to the Royal Palace, houses many riveting stories. The book explores these tales through stunning imagery and personal anecdotes courtesy of key figures in the hotel’s journey, providing a comprehensive and captivating narrative with a contemporary twist.

Photo: Grand Hôtel

“When Grand Hôtel approached us, we especially liked the idea of portraying the hotel in a new and exciting way with a modern, personal, and forward-thinking feel. For the first time, we could portray all parts of Grand Hôtel, showcase the people behind the immense machinery, and truly invite readers behind the scenes,” say Hanna and Marzouki Widlund. “The book combines analog flash images, personal handwritten greetings, and timeless spreads of Grand Hôtel’s halls, giving the book a contrasting and inspiring feel. We hope that readers will feel that Grand Hôtel is a place where the past is preserved while not being afraid to look ahead.”

Grand Hôtel’s coffee table book, A tribute to the past, present, and future will be exclusively sold in the hotel’s shop, Grand Affection and will be available in all rooms.