Get to know Gotain, the Swedish brand revolutionising custom-made curtains

By Linnéa Pesonen

Gotain's new flagship store and showroom in central Stockholm.

Gotain, the company behind the beautiful bespoke curtains at the Vogue Scandinavia office, is changing the game in the custom-made curtain scene. Here, we speak to the brand's two leading women to gain insights into Gotain's success and the company's new, must-visit Stockholm flagship store

New Year’s resolutions are often abandoned easily, but Eleonora Cantera Ahlman was determined to keep hers. What eventuated from her resolution was the birth of Gotain, the Swedish bespoke curtain brand, whose pieces also adorn the Vogue Scandinavia office. “Gotain actually started as a New Year’s resolution to step out of my comfort zone,” Cantera Ahlman explains. “I explored various options but ultimately decided that – as one of the most daunting challenges I could envision at that moment was starting a company – that’s precisely what I would do.”


The thought to venture into made-to-measure curtains, a niche within the interior business, arose serendipitously. “It was never a given that it would be curtains,” Cantera Ahlman says. “In the months following my New Year’s resolution, the idea for curtains emerged from my own need. I was searching for customised curtains for my first apartment but found that they were noticeably absent online,” she recalls.

To continue her investigation, Cantera Ahlman went for a stroll around Stockholm’s interior stores and ateliers, which offered sewing services for custom-made curtains. “It became clear that there was plenty of room for improvement regarding how to order customised curtains,” she says. “My key takeaway from trying to do it was that it was too hard and [there were] way too many questions.” Fuelled by her desire to make the process easier and build a responsible Nordic brand that also obtains a digital presence, Cantera Ahlman founded Gotain.

Lovisa Häger and Eleonora Cantera Ahlman.

Today, Cantera Ahlman runs Gotain with Lovisa Häger, the company’s creative director. Together, the women have established a brand that distinguishes itself from others with its innovation, weaving passion for creating impeccable bespoke curtains that complement any space into every aspect of Gotain’s operations.

“We want to create pieces that we ourselves love, things that push the boundaries of current curtain trends, and products that can form the basis for an entire room,” says Häger. “We are very proud to have a non-seasonal collection, made up of timeless textiles that can be used and reused in a number of ways. It can be transforming a curtain look by adding a roman blind, or changing the colour of a rod to achieve a different vibe.”

Vogue Scandinavia office

The stunning salmon-pink velvet custom-made curtains by Gotain that Vogue Scandinavia's art department. Photo: Kristian Bengtsson & Margareta Sheremet

While curtains serve a functional purpose, when beautifully executed, they can elevate a space, as they do at our beloved Vogue Scandinavia office. Plush, salmon-pink curtains crafted from luxe velvet bring a sense of refinement to our forever home, while the breezy linen numbers add a breath of fresh air and allow light to filter softly. “In all of our curtain designs, we balance quality, aesthetic appeal, and functionality while always striving to provide value for money,” Häger explains.

In all of our curtain designs, we balance quality, aesthetic appeal, and functionality while always striving to provide value for money.

Lovisa Häger, Gotain's creative director

Gotain produces all of its fabrics in Europe and hand-sews each order in its Atelier in Sweden, ensuring complete control of the materials used. While crafted in Europe, the brand’s pieces can be shipped worldwide, with the process made simple by ordering free samples, which customers can compare with their space before finalising their choice of shade, texture, and measurements. “What holds true for any material we use is that we are incredibly proud of all the steps taken from raw materials to the finished curtain,” says Cantera Ahlman. “For example, our sheer linen curtain is made from French linen sourced from Normandy, woven in Spain, and hand-sewn in Sweden. We have a strong philosophy that we always adhere to – we should be proud of our curtains in every aspect.”

Sleek details at Gotain's new flagship store and showroom. Photo: Gotain

At the new store, customers can browse various fabric and colour options. Photo: Gotain

An achievement the women are undoubtedly proud of is the recent opening of Gotain’s brand-new flagship store and showroom, nestled in the heart of Stockholm. The brand's third location in the Swedish capital (and fourth across Sweden), the newest addition, located on Birger Jarlsgatan, represents a significant milestone for the company. “This store marks not only the physical expansion of Gotain but also symbolises our innovation, the hard work of our amazing team and our ambition to create a unique experience for our customers,” says Cantera Ahlman. “For me personally, the flagship store has become a metaphor for what is truly possible when you work hard and follow your passion.”

Photo: Gotain

Photo: Gotain

At the site, customers can browse inspiring imagery, curtain guides, and manuals and marvel at physical displays of Gotain’s pieces, showcasing different materials, colours, and ways of hanging the curtains. Expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows let in billowing natural light, while the space, decked with vintage furniture and custom pieces by Wtp Studios, invites visitors to linger while envisioning their perfect decor. “The store is focused on inspiring customers to fulfil their curtain dreams, for real,” says Häger. “Our ambition is to never let a customer leave without a clear idea of how to achieve what they want.”

Looking ahead, the company is only at the dawn of what Häger calls the “new phase of Gotain’s journey.” “On our mood board right now is a bedroom concept that we are very excited to share more about, which will come with a number of new products that have a specific bedroom focus. Watch this space in May,” she hints. Cantera Ahlman chimes in, “The truth is, I’ve never been as motivated and excited about Gotain as I am today.”


Photo: Gotain