"Design is nothing without functionality": Meet the woman who sourced Vogue Scandinavia's designer desks

By Olivia Ekelund

Photo: Sarah Liisborg

Danish Form's Marianne Bischoff is the discerning force behind many of Vogue Scandinavia's interior choices. Here, we step inside her showroom to tap her expertise in engineering the perfect office space

At the corner of Birger Jarlsgatan and Östermalmsgatan in Stockholm, you’ll find a tiny showroom with the words ‘Danish Form’ written on the full-scale windows. Nestled among the sleek furniture inside sits Marianne Bischoff – a furniture connoisseur and all-around firecracker. Ring the doorbell, and she comes scurrying down from the mezzanine using the climbing wall she built herself to greet you with a smile.


Danish Form was the first stop when Vogue Scandinavia signed the lease for its new office. From the second we walked in, Bischoff did all she could to curate the workspace of our dreams. “I love the pieces I sell,” she says. “I’m very selective because I would never recommend something I wouldn’t buy myself. I stand for every one of these,” she continues as she gestures around the stacked room. “I want to be involved from the moment we meet until your new furniture is assembled at home or in your office,” she exclaims.

Photo: Sarah Liisborg

Photo: Sarah Liisborg

As we flicked through catalogues, Bischoff rattled off data on the newest solutions in sustainable furniture, gushing over design details. Right away, we clicked—not only because of her sweet nature but also because she shared our values, which were reflected in her invaluable help sourcing Vogue Scandinavia’s interiors.

“There are so many pieces now made with repurposed materials. It makes you think, why wouldn’t you go down that route?” she asks. What began as a simple search for a few desks became a partnership that resulted in the lion’s share of our work surfaces—S60 desks in pale pink linoleum from Holmris B8 and long ‘Grip’ conference tables in dusty grey from Randers + Radius.

Bischoff’s talent - and love for what she does - lies in finding the perfect balance between form and function for every client. “Design is nothing without functionality. It’s the DNA, especially in public environments such as offices. You have to understand how their people work. What their needs are, how they recharge, how they meet.” These are questions she’s asked herself since switching lanes to study interior design at forty. With a firm grasp of atmosphere, how rooms affect the psyche, and how to design for various needs, she founded her first company, Inredningsakuten, or The Interior ER in English.

Photo: Sarah Liisborg

“I furnished big and small companies with everything from Ikea furniture and second-hand to pieces that cost more than I made in a month. I love those contrasts.” After ten years as an interior decorator, she came across the Danish company Holmris at a furniture fair. “It was love at first sight. Their paper-thin ergonomic desks were so elegant. We just clicked. Both the furniture and Henrik Holmris and I. It hit me - ‘This is what I’m meant to do,’” she thrills. “The next day, we shook hands on my becoming their retailer in Sweden.”

Recognizing the potential for growth, Bischoff strategically partnered with family-owned Holmris, a move that was quickly followed by a deal with another Danish pioneer in sustainable furnishing, Randers Radius. This collaboration allowed Danish Form to strike a balance between Bischoff’s personal touch and the reliability of large-scale corporations, ensuring the fulfilment of high-quality orders.

S60 Ergonomic desks from Holmris B8 as show in Vogue Scandinavia's offices.

Randers + Radius ‘Grip’ conference table as shown in Vogue Scandinavia's offices.

And Bischoff prides herself on the open dialogue she has with her clients. “I’m very upfront about delays or mistakes. They happen, and it’s tough to go to a client with bad news. But I always say, ‘Tell them, for Christ’s sake!’” Bischoff knows that salespeople can get a bad rap - but it’s something she’d like to change. “I think it’s different when you love and are proud of the products you sell.” she reflects. “If you don’t like them, that’s fine! I’ll tell you about what I have found, and if we click and have the same perspective, I’ll help you customise those products to fit your needs as best I can.”

And there’s no one better to consult on the cutting edge in sustainable furniture - the latest table-tops made of recycled t-shirts and jeans. She helps you see that you don’t have to compromise on style because you care about the environment. Danish Form turns ten this year, and Bischoff still approaches every client with the same care. “It’s very personal for me,” she says earnestly. “I feel honoured to be able to climb into someone else’s reality, to see how they live and work. To figure out exactly what they need.”

Randers + Radius ‘Grip’ conference table as shown in Vogue Scandinavia's offices. Photo: Kristian Bengtsson