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Give your home an energy cleanse to welcome the New Year

By Matilde Wergeland

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Kick the next twelve months off in the right direction and give your home the energy audit it needs

A new year is here and in order to really embrace the 'new year, new me' mentality, a fresh start must begin with an ending. This can take the form of cleansing out the past, in order to make room for what’s about to come. And the perfect place to start is your home nest, the place where you want to seek sanctuary and respite from the stresses and strains of the exterior world. So why not begin with a complete clean slate and try an energy cleanse for your interiors.


When we head home after a busy and long day at work, we need our interior space to feel like a warm, welcoming blanket, wrapping around us safely. This means that everything we have at home should channel positive reactions. In this manner, it’s key to surround ourselves with things that we love, and ditch anything that we associate with negative feelings, or, in practical terms, is broken.

“All our things at home are vibrating with energy,” explains Charlotte Hagelin, the author of the book Mindful Home. “Over time, we create emotional memories with the things around us and our memory is stronger if several of our senses have been involved.”

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