Gestuz - AW22

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Gestuz

When we can't travel abroad, Gestuz travels back in time. Inspired by an amalgamation of fashion-forward decades – from the poofy shoulders of the eighties to the low-rise denim of the nineties – this is everything you need

At Gestuz’s autumn/winter 2022 collection, time took centre stage. In an industrial venue with dimmed lights, the models walked on a cherry red carpet backlit by a giant digital watch. At the start of the show, the clock showed the correct time and date, but it quickly spun out of control. Jumping back in time, Gestuz visited the style set of the 1980s and 1990s.


“Supermodels at parties in the 1990s, Melanie Griffith's Working Girl (1988), and George Michael music videos,” creative director Sanne Sehested listed when speaking with Vogue Scandinavia about the inspiration behind the show.

Called ‘The Time Traveler’, Getsuz’s AW22 collection was an eclectic mix of design from earlier decades. A parade of low-slung denim, skirt suits and pussy-bow blouses in electric blues and purples embodied the past in a modern way. “I was very inspired by the mix between the powerful more masculine silhouettes and the sexiness of showing skin.”

The idea of longevity, with design that spans and survives over decades, is as apparent in the looks as it is in the material selection. “Quality materials, long-lasting pieces and a focus on more responsible materials are the core of the collection,” Sehested says. “Approximately 80 per cent of the collection is made with responsible materials and are for us the new normal in each collection.”

See the full collection below:

Gestuz AW22