By Josefin Forsberg

While the Norwegian brand may not have been an official part of the Oslo Runway 2023 schedule, you'd be hard done by missing Fall Winter Spring Summer's autumn/winter '23 collection

There's an undeniable sense of Norwegian practicality that weaves through FWSS. A sort of cold-weather pragmatism steeped in a 'keep warm and carry' on attitude. The brand is first and foremost informed by the realities of extreme weather conditions, and as such, function comes first for the brand, materiality and fit then following suit to create a collection founded in essentialism. "It’s a lot of work to create something that feels effortless and this is our mission," says designer Elizabeth Romanin.


The line up of neutrals may not rival the more raucous fashions found at other brands, but there's no need for it. The strength of FWSS lies in its detailed perfection, one which is hard to ascertains without touch. Take the grey melange collared knit as an example. The superbly soft fabric if crafted into a cocooning sweater that will see you through not only seasons – sported just as easily in the middle of winter as on chilly summer evenings – but years.

Presenting in-season, FWSS proposes a more "pared back" wardrobe for autumn/winter '23 according to Romanin. With staples and looks that lean on "a time before the rise of fast fashion for inspiration." Exploring the very foundations of our closets, the clothes veer on the casual wearability rendered in classic cuts. A line up which Romanin believes "embodies an attitude of feminine opulence where comfort is at a premium."

With it's "lean, high quality wardrobe" FWSS seeks to build the ultimate capsule – where every collection adds to the last, layered season upon season. This means heavily textured, chunky knit wear to be worn atop last season's silk slip dress or a jacket to pair with the brand's pleated resortwear. "I love the idea of textural contrasts in familiar forms. Something familiar mixed with something unexpected," says Romanin.

The collection also lends itself seamlessly to the festive season ahead with liquid fabrics skimming over the body, glistening fish-scale sequinned skirts and velour opera gloves. "Throwing together something dressed up with something more relaxed. This is the Norwegian mode of dress," Romanin comments. "We are heavily dictated to by the weather and this creates a no-fuss approach to dressing which I think is such an interesting set of parameters to explore," she concludes.

Discover all the looks from FWSS autumn/winter '23 collection below: