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Fettisdagen: Swedish Masterchef Sofia Henriksson's must-try semla recipe

By Sofia Henriksson

Photo: Sofia Henriksson

It's one of the most indulgent days on the Scandi calendar. Here's how to make it even more delicious

The day we’ve all been waiting for is here, or at least if you ask me. It’s the beloved day of the semla. The famous Swedish pastry with a soft cardamom bun filled with crunchy almond paste, mandelmassa, and topped with soft whipped cream. On 21 February, 2023, we Swedes celebrate Fettisdagen (roughly translated as 'fat Tuesday'). Fettisdagen is always celebrated 47 days before Easter, to fill up before the fast. The tradition dates back to the back to the Middle Ages, but the ”semla” came in to our lives the year 1594. The tradition of the Fastlagsbulle exists in all of Scandinavia but the bun looks a bit different depending which country you are in. Here's my recipe for the best Swedish one: