Everything we know about Max Mara's upcoming Stockholm runway show

By Clare McInerney

Stockholms stadshus. Photo: Getty

"I have always been fascinated by Scandinavian history, art and culture," says Max Mara's creative director Ian Griffiths on the brand's Nordic debut

This Sunday, 11 June, the international fashion community will descend upon the Swedish capital. While the reason isn’t Nordic design per se, it’s set to be a milestone moment for the region as Italian fashion house Max Mara stages the first-ever cruise show in Scandinavia.


Max Mara’s jet-setting Resort itinerary has, so far, touched down at Lisbon’s Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Hotel Mezzatorre on the Italian island of Ischia, and Neues Museum in Berlin. The decision by Max Mara, led by creative director Ian Griffiths, to head to Stockholm is not one taken at whim: the collection is set to be saturated with Swedish references and inspiration.

“I’ve always been fascinated by Scandinavian history, art and culture,” says Griffiths. “There’s something magical about its folk traditions and mythology and of course its natural landscapes are spectacular. But in the Nordic countries we also find a heritage of good design and an egalitarian approach that chimes with Max Mara’s philosophy of attainable quality,” he goes on.

Read on for a round-up of everything we know so far about the Resort ’24 collection and runway show in Stockholm.


It will be held at Stockholm's city hall

Host to the Nobel Prizes in Literature and the Sciences for over a century, Max Mara's Resort '24 collection will be staged at Stadshuset (Stockholm's city hall). Built in 1911, the structure is one of the architectural crown jewel of Stockholm's central interlinking islands, with its iconic tower visible from the far reaches of the city.

It's unknown yet whether the models will stride through the interior ceremonial halls, or through the striking gardens and archways of the waterside courtyard.

Stockholms stadshus. Photo: Courtesy of Max Mara


The collection is inspired by Midsummer

Max Mara's Resort '24 offering is inspired by the traditional celebration of Midsummer. The name of the collection itself, 'Septem Flores' is a nod to the charming custom of collection seven types of flowers from seven different fields, which are placed under the pillow to cue dreams of a future sweetheart.

Unsurprisingly, we can expect to see an eruption of floral prints in line with the abundant flora of the Swedish occasion.

Photo: Courtesy of Max Mara

Photo: Courtesy of Max Mara


Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf is a key influence

Perfectly in-keeping with the show's location, Max Mara's Resort '24 collection will also be heavily influenced by Selma Lagerlöf, the first female recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Born in 1858 in Mårbacka, Lagerlöf published her first novel, Gösta Berlings Saga (The Story of Gösta Berling) at 33, which went on to become of her most acclaimed works and was later made into a silent film starring Greta Garbo.

The Max Mara designs will draw upon the folk tales, classical myths and fables that inspired Lagerlöf's literature, while also tapping into the her progressive view on the role of women and sexuality.

Photo: Getty


Max Mara will come to life across Stockholm

As part of Max Mara’s celebrated visit to Stockholm, the Italian house will strengthen its presence in the capital by hosting multiple activities around the city, including a three-week takeover at Hallwylska Restaurant. The restaurant's picturesque inner courtyard – one of the most coveted dining destinations during the summer months, within a historic palace from the turn of the century – has erupted with floral decor and furnishings that encapsulate the spirit of the Resort '24 collection, allowing visitors to step into the dreamy inspirations behind 'Septem Flores'.

The takeover will be in place until 18 June, with reservations made as usual via Hallwylska Restaurant's website.

Photo: Courtesy of Max Mara


Everyone can experience the live runway show

It's not only international A-listers and fashion powerhouses that will be able to experience the landmark runway show on Sunday. Consider the show's livestream, kicking off at 9PM CEST, your very own front row invitation to discover 'Septem Flores', look by look.