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Keep time with the 5 best dainty watches of 2022

By Kristian Haagen

Photo: Chanel

It’s far from slim pickings out there if you're looking for a sleek, high-class timepiece. Here are our picks from the newest models on the market

The world of watches can sometimes feel suffocatingly full of big, chunky timepieces, huge weights on the wrist that come replete with talk of chronographs, minute repeaters, tourbillons and skeletonised dials. Yet in recent years, more dainty watches have found a place in the spotlight. And rightfully so. Many of them offer a fine mechanical movement and come with the kind of functionality and decoration that demonstrates big isn’t always better.


These may not be watches that go to the moon or are suitable for a deep sea dive, but the five watches we’ve chosen for this article offer an elegant take on watchmaking anno 2022.