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Discussing aliens and AW22 at the Stockholm Surfboard Club HQ

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Stockholm Surfboard Club

We stop by the Stockholm Surfboard Club HQ for a close encounter with the brand's AW22 collection

The Stockholm Surfboard Club showroom looks more or less like the showroom of any cool, emerging brand, save for the odd surfboard here and there. There are racks of clothes and sparse furnishings. There’s an aesthetically pleasing accessories display, fashioned from wood, and a coffee offer on arrival.


I am just about to sit down with the brand’s designer, Manne Haglund Glad, to discuss his AW22 collection when a man emerges from a hallway I hadn’t taken notice of. His face and hands are covered in a fine white dust.

“I think I did something wrong,” he says to Glad, before acknowledging me with a little hello.

We follow the man to the room from which he came, where he’s been shaping a surfboard with an aggressive looking power tool (the internet tells me it’s called an “electric planer”).

“See?” He says.

Glad inspects the board, declares it okay and tells the man to keep going.