Dior and Stone Island’s capsule collection is a triumph in legacy design

By Billie Miro Breskin

Ethan Hart.

Parisian haute couture meets Italian craftsmanship in this buzzy new collaboration

Mark your calendars for July 4th, because the next big thing in designer collaborations is coming. Dior and Stone Island, two (fashion) houses both alike in dignity yet distinct in their histories, have joined forces, producing a capsule of clothing pieces and accessories sure to be on every fashion insider’s wishlist this summer.


In an industry that has thrived on designer collaborations in recent years, this newest edition differentiates itself through its commitment to melding not only design ideologies, but also construction methods. Speaking about the collection, Dior Homme creative director Kim Jones shared that, while the brands have fundamental differences, in “the coming together of contrasting traditions, there’s a new kind of clothing alchemy.”

Photo: Ethan Hart

Indeed, the capsule collection is evidence of this mixture of contrasts. Design motifs from Dior decorate pieces with Stone Island’s classic construction. The insignia of both houses are employed throughout, while the shoes represent the best of formal shoemaking and practical utility. While functionality and luxury are often at odds, the Dior x Stone Island collection proves they can – and should – coexist. Taking the best of each brand’s signature aesthetics, this collaboration will fly off the shelves.

Exclusively available in Dior boutiques, the collection will be available in Milan on June 14th, Paris and London on June 18th, the United States on June 27th, and globally on July 4th.