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Detox Life founder Johanna Ljunggren reveals her beauty secrets

By Babba Rivera

Photo: Detoxlife

The multi-hyphenate entrepreneur shares her top tips on everything from diet to haircare.

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As a mother, advocate, beauty entrepreneur and blogger, I can appreciate anyone who devotes time to a series of ventures and good causes, especially those related to environmental sustainability. Johanna Ljunggren is one woman in my orbit I admire for this reason.

First, she runs the platform Detox Life, which is devoted to delivering messages about healthy living to the public. She co-founded Carbon x Regeneration, a panel series covering carbon emissions, climate change, and sustainability that features some of the world’s foremost thinkers on the topics. And she’s also an ambassador for Carbon Calories, an organisation devoted to making carbon reporting for startups easier. For more proof of her widespread amazingness, look at her lengthy Linktree.

I recently talked to Ljunggren about her career, her healthy beauty routine, and some of her favourite products. She’s definitely someone we can all learn a lot from.